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  1. Sorry folks. I see someone has already asked that question.
  2. Just wondering if anyone is using the speed bead on their Benelli.
  3. Sorry I never posted any pictures. I sold the gun locally.
  4. No I don't. Plus I'm computer stupid. I'll get my wife to post some tonite.
  5. very good condition. I've used it one duck season. i live in NW Arkansas.
  6. sorry about that. I'm asking $1250. Plus I also forgot to mention its a left handed model
  7. wts sbeII advantage timber camo 26'' barrel hard case all chokes plus two waterfowl chokes
  8. I have the same thing with my new SBEII. I called cs to see what was wrong and they said it was normal. The SBEI I used to own didn't do it. I'm just gonna take their word for it.
  9. I'll try to send some water your way. Our hole is 15ft high with water. Hopefully it will go down about 10ft or so within the next 3 weeks. It has rained about everyday for the last two months here.
  10. Hey Tank, just wondering how the heavy metal patterned. I'm thinking about giving them a try. I hope the tube I sent you is not the reason for no birds.
  11. The center bead is threaded in. I removed mine because I wasn't used to shooting with it. Use a pair of pliers to grab the bead and just spin out.
  12. Where were you six months ago when I was needing one.
  13. It fits the SBEII. I'll take $45 for it. Thats counting shipping.
  14. I have the ext. long range Pattern Master and love it. As a matter of fact I have 2 of them. I'm willing to part with one of them. Both are one season old. If interested just let me know.
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