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  1. ArizonaShooting.com Topic is "Benelli M1 Mod Stock" It's what I used on my SNT, worked great.
  2. Gaust, I felt the same way before I did the stock mod. Now it fits fine, made a world of difference.
  3. I have a Nordic +2 on my SNT. Very nice, you may want to check them out. Cheers, Harley
  4. Total actual labor was about two hours. This obviously doesn't count curing time for the Marinetex. More time was spent researching it. Like most projects of this type, the first one always takes longer. Cost depends on where you make the purcase. Discount price from Brownells was $31.47 for the Limbsaver and $28.05 for the Marinetex. Sorry, I haven't been able to post pictures, maybe I don't have enough posts. As I said, for me the project was well worth the effort. Cheers
  5. Check the manual or their website for pad removal. It can be a bit tricky the first time. I just took about 2" off the LOP on my SNT and installed a Limbsaver. The project is well worth the effort. I haven't been able to figure out how to post pictures here yet. There are a couple of good tutorials on how to this on this site.
  6. I'd get one. I just took two inches off the stock so your addition with a sling loop would complete the package.
  7. I just finished this project on my SNT. Knocked two inches off LOP, it makes a world of difference. I used a Dremel to cut the stock. Get the small size Limbsaver and grind to fit. There is another post on this site which covers the project in greater detail. I think it's well worth the effort. I'll try to post pictures later.
  8. If leaving the shotgun or rifle cocked over a long period of time is bad practice, then there are a very large number of LEO weapons that are in trouble. Most agencies I know of carry their shotguns and patrol rifles at "Patrol" or "Cruiser" ready. That is bolt forward on an empty chamber, selctor/safety in the safe position. I had the same question when we developed our Patrol Rifle Program. The manufacturers I contacted stated no problem with the weapon being cocked over an extended period of time. We (large southeast sheriff's office) have not experienced any firing pin problems with the 500+ rifles in our program. Our shotguns are carried under the same quideline. As usual YMMV
  9. Outstanding project. It's something I need to do to my SNT. Which model Limbsaver did you use? Thanks-
  10. What brand is the brake? Thanks
  11. I have a new SN Tactical with less than 100 through it. Sometimes I will experience your problem but the more I use it the less this happens. Keep your SN well lubed and I think you may have less of a problem as you cycle the bolt more. You can get good information on this sort of question under the "Benelli" section. As ususal YMMV- Cheers, Harley
  12. Very nice, how effective would you rate the brake?
  13. Lakotah, take a look at the +2 Nordic Mag Tube. I just put one on my SNT. I got it from Chris Winning Shooting Accessories, http://www.cpwsa.com It's a bit pricey but Nordic makes very good stuff Cheers-
  14. www.cpwsa.com has what you are looking for and $6.00 shipping.
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