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  1. Went to the range yesterday and shot a box of Remington STS Light Target Loads through my M4, without any malfunctions. After reading this thread I was concerned they might not work, but they did. Taking a skeet class this March, and think I will use the Benelli instead of my trusty old Weatherby Model 82. Only gripe I have with the M4 is that stock recoil pad sucked when shooting in a T-shirt, as we do here in Arizona. Replaced it with a Limbsaver and now it is a joy to shoot.
  2. My M4 came with a bottle of the MF-82 "Benelli Olio Unifluid Allgun", which as far as I can tell is just oil -- not a cleaner. I tried all sorts of cleaning solvents and none worked well on leading. The tornado brush really does the trick.
  3. I took this advice and can vouch for its wisdom. I was having trouble getting the leading out of my M4 barrel -- no cleaner did it well, and neither did bronze brushes unless mounted on an electric drill, and even then not very well. But a couple minutes with the tornado brush and the bore is like a mirror.
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