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  1. Wow, don’t know who this guy is, but I couldn’t take more that 2 minutes of his BS if that. Is he someone on this forum, and if so, what’s he go by? A real Moron.
  2. If anyone is open to dealings in Armslist, there are a couple m4 listed for 1200 (new) and 1000.
  3. For the opposite side of the weapons light.
  4. Several listed on Gun Broker, but seem to be selling for MSRPx2.
  5. You better run, you stole that m4!
  6. I measured mine, it is 3mm - 0.5
  7. Does anyone know the thread size and pitch? Appears to be 3mm x 0.5mm. Should be available for about a nickel at hardware stores or on line. Might not be black.
  8. MSRP <$600 People are getting desperate. Now to find ammo at a decent price. Doubtful.
  9. Wow, not just the M4 That has hit the stratosphere.
  10. Sold, $4225!!! Holy Smokes!
  11. Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. There are others at $2500+ and people continue to bid up a 11707.
  12. Been watching the auction site and can’t believe the bids I’m seeing for M4 and 1014 Benellis. Is it the due to the social unrest or have the actual values skyrocketed?
  13. If you plan on humping the m4 wearing camo, the green would be a better choice.
  14. The stock plate is not threaded, the other plate that is shaped like a hammer is threaded. The hole in the QD sling plate was about 5/16”, the hole in OEM sling plate is 1/4”
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