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  1. Thanks Birdog. Ordered one and will give it a try. Appreciate your feedback.
  2. You let a great model go (11707) . The 11707 has the recoil tube that will accept the collapsible stock and function properly. Also has the thread barrel for interchangeable chokes. This is the model I have also. hope you find what you are looking for.
  3. Go to Calguns.net. Great firearms forum for Californians. They have a large market place.
  4. Has anyone used the speed bar for the bolt release?
  5. I say the gun shop commando is full of himself. I’ve had my m4 for 13 years and has never missed a stroke with any 2 3/4” loads. buy with confidence.
  6. Wow, sure sits high. I have the RMR mount and love the low compactness.
  7. I trimmed my spring and can get 7 of the flight control 00 loads in the mag tube. Still functions to the last round reliably.
  8. I run the same Enforce lights on my AR pistols and rifle. I like the activation button location for my support hand. hope it works for you also.
  9. I mounted my IWC sling/light mount with pic rail and Enforce light today. Very happy with the outcome. Tucks up against the barrel very nicely.
  10. Federal Personal Defense Shotshell with FLITECONTROL Wad 12 Gauge with Improved Cylinder choke. PD132 00
  11. Glad to help. The AU handle is a great bargain. I happened to order the KZ from Botach first before NoTycoon shared the bargain deal. Had to compare for the money. Best to you.
  12. I ordered both charge handles, one from Botach and the one from AU The AU handle is larger in diameter and weighs .07 oz (30 grains) less than the Botech as it is machined deeper into the end. The Botach is slightly longer. I like them both, but prefer the length of the Botach handle will run it first to see how it holds up. I don’t know it the reciprocal weight difference will have any affect on how it holds up. The three shown are AU, Botach, Freedom Fighter 1/2” steel. The AU and Biotach feel very secure like the OEM handle. The FF handle can pull out without having to twist it. Didn’t like that. Also comparison with stock Benelli handle.
  13. Sorry to hear that. Hope you can get back sooner if possible. ‘I’ll email you a deposit slip, see if that works. 👍
  14. SD, is the three position tube a Benelli factory Item? Just curious.
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