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  1. Primo's goose flute easy to use and cheap too
  2. I can shoot both ways with a rifle but I must force my self to think through the whole shot right handed but left handed just feels right. I work all of the actions with my right hand and load with that hand too. I write with my right hand and thanks to a broken collar bone as a kid I can write with the left if I'm forced to.
  3. I wear glasses so I haven't got the powder in the eye. As for the hulls I don't even see where they land most of the time let alone see them eject from the gun.
  4. Am I the only left handed shooter to use right handed guns ? Crosseye dominance. I have always shot that way and never had any problems. Is there any advantage to having the left hand action ???
  5. not legal in Wash St. either last year but this year it will be
  6. We haven't got the daily limit numbers here in washington state But the wdfw is going to up the number of pintail scaup and we'll get to shoot canvasbacks too. last year we could take 7 ducks and 4 geese. with only one being a pintail and one scaup and no canvasbacks. mmm duckeroni (pepperoni) can almost taste it.
  7. make sure to check gunbroker and you'll find a good deal. I got an sbe 2 in max4 for 1400 thats 150 cheaper than i could find it at the gun shops or the cabelas here plus no tax so I saved $ 287 total I spent that on 2 cases of 3" #4's and 1 case of 3" #2's. thats alot of bang bang bang.
  8. I just got a Sbe 2 In max 4 from gun broker for 1400 plus 25 for transfer. I saved 150+ tax so if i would have bought it at the cabelas it would have cost me 1685 thats 260 for shot shells. Gun Broker has better prices than any gun shop on this side of the mountains. check the buy it now and free shipping and save the cash for shells.
  9. If you are still looking for a good dog for cheap don't over look a not so pure bred. My chocolate female is not pure. But you can't tell by looking at her. For cheap training try tennis balls with duck scent on them. Use them as toy's then all you'll need to do is make the dog sit and stay when you throw while yelling "bang" and send the dog when you want them to leave. lots of positive praise for stuff done right . Bob In Wash State
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