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  1. the take down issue is why i will be running irons, the sights mount right to the barrel. That im thinking may also help accuracy as that will put your barrel and your sights on the same plane, and take the barrel to frame joint out of the equation...
  2. MidwayUSA has them. Or if you submit some simple paperwork AIM Surplus sells them for less... Asfar as accuracy goes, im not the best shotgunner so im sure these slugs will do more. Also i do all my shooting off hand with a sling as support so if your shooting from a rest, my groups will probly be bigger and lastly im sure i take a bit of a hit by shooting from an 18.5" barrel. Anyway im done making excuses now:p
  3. For bear "defense" check out Dupleks slugs. They are made from steel with nylon rings on them so they dont junk the bore, they come in non expanding and an expanding frangiable. I keep some on hand for bear duty (1 1/8 oz non expanding) and when shot through my 18.5" Nova they were more accurate than standard Federals. I was able to hold a 5" group at 50yards. The only downside i see with these compared to the Breneke is velocity. Your only looking at i think 1450fps. But being a non expanding chunk of steel i think it would have no problem punching a grizzly's brain case...
  4. why not reload for the mauser? You could get reloading for as much or less than a decent rifle. The mauser action is about the best bolt action ever made and the 8mm round has been used to kill about everything on the plannet short of elephant...
  5. Alright heres the deal, this issue really dosnt have any pattern to it so im thinking it may be me doing something silly. The problem is as the elevator reaches the hight for the next shell to be pushed into the chamber the shell will sometimes get stuck between the flange on the elevator that faces the ejection port and the chamber wall. I looked for burs or anything on the chamber and didnt find any. Am I just short stroking the action or something?
  6. I was just wondering how much if any gun smithing is needed to mount the irons that Benelli makes to an R1? I shoot allot with irons and dont really like a scope on a field gun so its either irons or something like a Burris Speed Dot.
  7. make sure the case rim dimmensions are the same. You might need a new bolt head to switch calibers as well...
  8. that looks like decent groups, ive seen bolt actions that shoot worse.
  9. the piston is the most important part to clean on a gas opp rifle. It runs hot and dirty, which will cause carbon to build up and all kinds of issues. Things like this are not unique to Benelli...
  10. I was just wondering how well they hold zero between cleanings. With the barrel being removed it seems to me your zero might get messed with. What have you guys seen as far as this is concerned?
  11. Alrighty i made it to the range today and tryed shooting some 1oz 2 3/4" slugs. It was a challenge even to get em on paper. Im thinking im going to get a laser bore sighter and get my sights close at around 25 yards in my back yard. If i get my sights on the laser at 25 yards about how low or high will i be? Looking at Federals slug ballistics it looks like ill be about 2" low. Anyway im thinking the factory zero on the tactical set up is for stupid close range hence why i couldnt hardly hit anything. Any other advise? If i cannot get the sights to zero after bore sighting it and walking it ou
  12. As far as shooting and flinching, thats not a problem. I have ALLOT of experience shooting high powered rifles in competition up to and including 50BMG. As far as the shotgun goes, i bought it intentionally as a defense type (that will be this shotguns primary function). I figured if the 18.5" barrel didnt hack it then i would get a rifled slug barrel. Anyways thanks for the advise guys, i understand that this set up is not the optimum, but its just how i operate sometimes:D
  13. Well i should be able to make it out to the range this week sometime. This will be my first time ever shooting a shotgun for groups, so it should be fun. If i remember the range close to me has targets at 50 yards, so if what you say about 75 being my top range ill probly zero at 50 and call it good. I plan on hunting on some land that is perty thickly forested anyway so i doubt ill get shots farther than that. Anyway in the meantime what kinda of reading should i do on the actual art of hunting. I have heard guys talk about "tactics" but i would like to read up on some stuff so im not compl
  14. Actually it has 18.5" with ghost ring sights. Thus far i havent been able to take it to the range to see how well i can hit targets with rifled slugs. Im not thinking it will be hard to hit stuff once i learn how it shoots though...
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