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  1. NY allows both hens and roosters where I am since there is no bnatural population all birds are stocked so it really doesn't matter. They are all gone by the beginning of Nov anyway. I went to a preserve the other day to work the dog
  2. I had two in me and a whole bunch on me the other day. As for the dog I use frontline and he has also received a lyme vaccine. My vet says it seems to be working and no dogs have had a bad reaction to it.
  3. Bought a 20 gauge nova pump today got home after the store closed and kinda got the same question. What is the gun supposed to come with. I got one in the gun and 2 in the box. I'm at work and can't remember which ones it came with but I don't think there was a full one in there. My main concern is I got the proper amount of chokes not so much which ones. Also whats with the button on the pump? I didn't see anything in the manual but the web site says it's to clear shells with out chambering ( I think) I'm not new to guns so I know what its purpose is just didn't see how it works and I'm at work so I can't "play" with it...
  4. Heres Leif and his bird. Heres a black GSP for ya...Actually he's a Deutsch Kurzhaar ( A German GSP) One more post needed....
  5. Tried to post a pick but it says I must make 5 post first
  6. NY doesn't really have self sustaining pheasant populations so they stock em I am lucky enought to live within 20 minutes of 2 areas where they stock em. Today was my (and my dogs) second day at pheasant hunting. I went out en the am with no luck and got tired orf kugging my 12 gauge Mossberg around, stopped by a friends house and BS'd awhile. On the way home stopped by the the gun store and wound up buying a Benelli pump 20 gauge. and stopped at the State land on the way home. Long story short bagged our first Pheasant with my first shot...
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