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  1. I went shooting again yesterday afternoon. The pistol grip stock is starting to grow on me. I may end up just keeping it.
  2. Hookster, your MRP will out shoot most other carbines with anything you put in it. It's just the way it is. Have fun with it!
  3. Yeah, that (Made in china) so called torq wrench they supply is not the greatest. Did he test the wrench before using it?
  4. I have yet to find a brand or style of ammo that it will not feed. The only heavy stuff I have ever used is the Hornady TAP 75gr. BTHP Law Enforcement ammo which is what I load in it for duty work and the Federal 69gr. Matchkings. Havnt done a lot of accuracy testing with the TAP ammo because its so pricey but I successfully qualify with it twice a year. I killed my first doe with this rifle last year with the Fed 69gr. She was DRT at roughly 100yds. I hope to harvest another one next weekend. The Win Q3131 is like shooting in a dream. I have been told "I got lucky" that my rifle sh
  5. Your going to love the MRP. I have the non-piston setup for work and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Mine is extremely accurate with Winchester Q3131A1 ammo and always goes bang.
  6. That would be ideal. You guys don't know of a site that has the field stocks on hand?
  7. How does the gun fit him? at 7-8years old you might want to consider a youth model. Sounds like he also needs a little more trigger time. Get him out there doing a little recreation shooting. Blasting cans and milk jugs filled with water is a fun way to let him focus on the fundamentals and get the recoil off his mind.
  8. Hey whats up guys. I just purchased a Benelli M2 Tactical. I am loving this gun. Fired 100rds yesterday evening right out the box with no problems. It's extremely fast and patterns great. The only thing is, its the pistol grip configuration. Local dealer gave me a great deal on it or I would have passed just because of the stock. Do you guys know a site I can order just the plain black standard field stock? All I find by a google search is the comfort-tech sets, which cost more then half the price I paid for the gun...
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