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  1. Anyone know what is the best Choke tubes to get? Patternmasters?
  2. I just bought a SBEII and was thinking about getting the set of 3 tubes for $265 or should I just get the Extended or Long range for $100. Can anyone help me on this purchase or recommend different?
  3. Boltman08

    SBE 2

    I just bought my SBEII and it was jamming up on me in 20 degree weather. My friends all have the old SBE and there's all worked fine. I took it apart and cleaned it real good after the hunt and oiled it up with Hoppes elite real good and it was fine the rest of the trip. I might have been to lite on the oiling with it being brand new the 1st time.
  4. I just bought mine last month and it is miss firing and dropping in the 2nd round into the loader. I took it apart and checked everything and then put it back together and it did it again. I went through these steps a few times then it finally fired. Is the SBEII known for miss firing and having problems?
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