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  1. does this mount fit on the Benelli m4? does the magazine cap obstruct a flashlight or a laser? if anyone used this product how do you like it? or do you suggest something else? http://www.laserlyte.com/Gun_Sight_Accessories/ADP-TRIR-140/index.html
  2. OMG really thank you so much ,lol:p
  3. yeah i read it was and not sure about the cost though butt im waitng too bro lol:D
  4. that sucks bro, thanks for the tip umm im actually gonna get an m4 soon, and i already read the manual and the marines manual too, im just doing my reasearch on cleaning maintinance and ect ect.... you know.... butt again im a visual kinda guy so i just would like a video thats why im asking if anyone would and well theirs tons of videos of guns of every type butt i just cant find one about the m4 lol:mad:
  5. just wait for mesa tactical's Urbino stock for the m4 their suppose to go in production soon, they said march or april
  6. guys ive looked and looked online butt no cigar. i was wondering if any of you guys would please make a video on how to take apart the m4 and how to put it back together PLEASE!!!!!
  7. i mainly will use it for HD, i know their not gonna come and kick my door down butt if i were to ever use it and if its not 922® complaint will that be used against me
  8. yeah thats what kinda confused me too, because i live in Nevada and well almost everything is allowed here from supressors to even explosives to a certain degree.
  9. alright i plan to buy an m4 soon butt im doing my research on cleaning operating etc etc etc.... butt ive been reading some article saying that their are banned or that only Law enforcement can get them, and something about import laws not allowing you to modify the m4. Im just overwhelmed with confusion can anyone run me down on a quick crash course about the M4 or even a deteailed course if your willing. thanks guys
  10. Nice that will definately help, thank you, butt just out of curiosity havnt you noticed that. there is a video for probably every gun known to man online butt not the benelli m4
  11. ive looked all online and the only gun i cant find a video for is the M4, does any one have or know a link to a video of how to take the M4 apart, how to clean it, or even how to operate it anything useful about the M4, im tired of seeing little girls firing the damn thing. Can anyone help..... will anyone be willing to make one
  12. hey whatever resources you found or were given to you on how to clean the M4 ,can you send to me, i myself are getting an M4 and is first gun aswell thankyou
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