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    I don't know if I'm in Kip's band, but I am a very satisfied customer. If perfection is what you want, give your money to Kip. If "good 'nough" satisfies your needs, give your money to the other guys. What I've gotten from Kip has ALWAYS justified the wait.
  2. And there's the rub. He looks to competent and has a good rep, but I don't know if it's treated too hard or soft, too deep or shallow. And I'll probably not know until I suddenly get a full-auto 12 gauge that, as an added bonus, fires out of battery.... But I've put a few dozen rounds on it and can see no cracks or peening...
  3. This. I had a local cut me out a disconnector, and it works, but I don't really trust it. I've been checking Kip's site every day after SHOT to see when the good stuff rolls out...now I guess I'll wait until I'm back from my deployment next April to bother checking again...
  4. Okay, I looked at the disconnector, and it seems to be a pretty simple component. I'm going to take it to a local machine shop to get it reproduced. Anyone know anything I'm missing? It looks to be an easy fix for the 922r dilemma...
  5. I can understand where kronik is coming from. If you use the search function, you get a million threads that go something like this: Ad nauseum. I completely understand not wanting to wade through the crap to find the simple answer to the question asked.
  6. I shoot steel Hexolit 32s out of this with no problem: http://www.brownells.com/.aspx/pid=27550/Product/TACTICAL_BREECHER_CHOKE
  7. They're Benelli stocks. I ordered one from Impact three weeks ago for $180 and got it yesterday. After all the smoke I saw blown here about how hard it was to find one, I was surprised at how easy it was.
  8. Took over a month to get, but my tube arrived today. Wow. Just...wow. I was irritated at the wait, but if this is indicative of the quality Kip puts out, it was worth it.
  9. Botach Tactical. They sell on Gunbroker or they have a site, botach.com .
  10. http://www.impactguns.com/store/650350810417.html
  11. I see a lot of posts about a "stock" m4 only taking 4 rounds in the mag tube. Mine takes 5 2-3/4" shells. Do you have some sort of limiter in the tube?
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