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    Here something a little different
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    Very beautiful
  3. Not sure but there are some 4 rail fore end options for M4s. Can be kind of pricey. I bought a KZ 4 rail fore end for 200 bucks, it is all steel and mounts solid as a rock.
  4. Duracoat is a finish specifically developed for use on guns. There are about 100 colors I think. Have to web search for a dealer that offers the surface near you, but I have seen some pretty cool looking designs and it is not to exspensive from what I have seen.
  5. KZ offers a 2 shell extension for 40 bucks, lets you have a total of 7. I have one for my M4.
  6. I have a Sig P229 in [email protected] and 357sig. I love the 357 sig, shoots a lot more accurate for me and recoil managment seems to be quite a bit better.
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