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  1. Not to get off topic but Im pretty sure that Mossberg just recently secured a major contract with the US Army for their Tactical Pump 535s.
  2. Are you serious?...Ohhh wait,.. you must be cause you own and shoot pump .22s..now thats modern technology at its finest... Pumps work despite what you may think, (Police and Swat teams prefer them over autos when the SHTF so what does that tell you ?) their sales numbers speak for themselves..if you have to have the latest and greatest auots than thats fine. Some folks prefer pumps, some prefer O/U's, some prefer autos...each are merely a tool we use and each have thier pros and cons..the most important part is that we use these tools proficiently whatever they may be.
  3. I'd get a left handed Wingmaster (magnum receiver) and shoot that for a season or two, it will do it all just fine..if you still want the spendier Benelli later on down the road sell/keep the Wingmaster and get you the benny... I still have the Wingmaster that I bought when I was 17... its taken Doves, rabbits, Geese, and Ducks wonderfully and has been a pleasure to own.
  4. Ive hunted many ducks & geese and never had the need for 3 1/2 inch 12 Ga shells..If your a lefty dont settle for a right handed right side eject if ya ask me..does it have to be a benelli?
  5. +1..... at the end of the day its nice to know that you could stop in some mom and pop shop in a pinch and be able to snag a box or two of these shells..
  6. hunter2678

    brilliant wood

    Wish that was on my Franchi...unreal
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