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  1. I purchased my m1 with the extension tube installed so I believe it should be legal. I will write to batfe about this. It's too bad the cdm clamp slides and scratches the barrels. I'll buy a clamp and put a thin rubber film between it and barrel to prevent slippage. I'll check out the Mesa clamp. Thanks for the Brownells link to the OEM clamp. The forearm used to be so slippery. Now the stippling texture is very grippy and should perform well in dry and wet conditions. I really like the pattern of the grip tape on the right side of your gun,Rezarf. I would have made the pattern similar to yours if I had seen it beforehand. I am impressed with Ben's work and will send him more work in the future.
  2. Closeup pics of the welded carrier lift and the round bolt handle next to one off of an M4.
  3. Rezarf and Leid, You guys have nicely modified guns. They both look awesome with the add ons. Thanks for the tips. Here are some photos showing the Boresight stippling job. I just returned from my trip and the furniture was waiting for me. I am so pleased with the work Ben did. It looks and feels fantastic. It used to be slippery in my hands. How does grip tape feel in comparison with stippling? My M1 is a 96 model with the factory extension tube. Do you guys have an extra factory barrel clamp? I would like to pick one up. Do I need to worry about 922r if I didn't modify the tube as it came from factory that way? In the pics, you can see the welded lift carrier and the round bolt handle just like M4s. I am waiting for Kimber to send me a bolt to attach My front Meprolight sight.
  4. So far, I like my Benelli much more than pistols. Feels more natural shooting it. I made some performance mods. My goal is to make the best home defense shotgun. Keeping it light, reliable, and maneuverable is a must. Am I missing something to improve the performance? What does everyone thInk? Thanks M1S90 tactical mods Done already •C-Mod Welded lift carrier •Super90 practical bolt handle •Meprolight Ghost Ring tritium sights •Boresight furniture stippling Near future mods •Practical bolt release button •Weapon light •Aluminum follower in Red •Myself: Plan to take tactical shotgun classes soon. Most important mod as I am new to shotgunning. Federal LE-132 shells Winchester Ranger Slugs
  5. Do you guys know which ones are best for Benellis?
  6. I thought I was the only one with blemishes on meprolights. I was about to exchange it but there would be no point since others have the same issue. I was hoping the fronts would work better in daylight. I am thinking about painting a white area on the front sight for that purpose. This company just does sloppy work IMO. I'll try and make it work.
  7. I bought a brand new set of meprolights for my m1s90 and am very disssapointed. The finish on the new parts look quite beat up. The original sights off of my gun look pristine and the new night sight flat black finish looks like they have been thrown around. What's up with the poor quality control. The tritium vials also are sealed with a clear sealant and it is sloppily applied. Since Meprolight is the only company making these for my gun, I don't really have another option for night sights. The night sights on my Sig looks great and they are trijicons. I ordered a micro wrench to remove the nit off of my front sight today and the threads on the original is finer. I don't understand how they could not just add a lock washer and nut in the kit. It's a 5 cent part for a $100 purchase. I just had to vent a little. I will be spending my money on other brands in the future.
  8. 2340

    M1 Super 90 shopping

    I am a new m1 super 90 owner. I am really pleased with this gun. You can always add a rifled bore later. I would suggest a smooth bore first. I have seen barrels go for about 300-400 on gunbroker.
  9. It's amazing how front sight stirs up so much emotions and opinions from people that have not been through the classes. I have read from many sources that fs is a great place for new shooters. It works out for me because my family will be having fun in Vegas while I attend the four day class. I'll see them after my classes and eat at the Wynn buffet. It cost under $100 and I am not buying any membership there. After I improve my skills I will save up for a $800-1000 class. I am not becoming a scientologist or allowing ET to touch me. I just see it as a good opportunity to learn shotgunning while my family is doing something fun as well. If someone who actually attended have something to share, please do so. It's pretty lame to read gossip about a cult religion or aliens unless something happened to you and not your uncle's neighbor heard from someone that read on the Internet somewhere story. We might as well go watch desperate housewives for so much gossip. I would really like to read about shotgun training experiences for any courses you guys been at and Benelli tips during a class type info. That would be good reading. Thanks to all that contributed about suggested equipment. I'm looking at the micro rig now and might pick one up for class.
  10. LOL. This might sound dumb but.. For those that have been to FS. If I want to stay in a casino hotel on the Vegas strip. Where do you keep your guns after class? Do you just bring them into your hotel room? I'm thinking the casinos wouldn't like that too much.
  11. Is Xenu a hot chick? Doesn't sound too bad.
  12. Hey Simpsomi I am also planning on going to front sight with my m1 super 90 sometime in feb. I bought some various ammo (from super target 7.5 birdshot to LE132-00 and ranger low recoil) to test out first. Good to know someone planning to train on the same gun. I'm in southern California. Where abouts are you?
  13. That's an awesome Benelli you have there. I agree about this handle being the best size and shape. I just bought a m4 handle from a forum member here. I will have to machine it down to fit my m1. I would like to just pop in a practical handle if possible. Too bad you sold the second one with your tactical. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  14. Please let me know if you have one to sell. Thanks
  15. It cost 65 or 45 if you trade in yours. You can send him yours and he will send you one that has been welded already. I should get mine soon.
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