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  1. M4 Carbine Kimber 45 .308 long gun (in a drag bag) oh yeah and a noisy crickett!
  2. Sorry guys forgot to attach the links. www.Tacticaltailor.com www.londonbridgetrading.com I have the snipe drag bag from london bridge that i use for my long gun. absolutly worth the money spent!
  3. Look at tactical Tailor's bags they are fairly reliable for the money. London Bridge tactical gear is extrememly reliable and well made. Hard to find and expensive but well worth every penny.
  4. bought mine from target. It's actually intended to carve meat but makes an excellent foam carving tool! DO NOT spend lots of money on a real foam carving knife.
  5. electric carving knife works 100 times better than a NEW razor blade. Pelican actually recommends using one over the razor blade.
  6. I'll take one as well. Thanks Kip.
  7. Larger bolt release is from GG&G
  8. That sucks man! I luckily happend to meet the USPS guy at the door so that same thing wouldn't happen to me. Heat gun is a must. Kip includes instructions that tell you everything you need to know. Once the receiver and factory tube get hot enough (approx 250 degrees) it will twist off easily. You would really mess up the gun if you try and muscle off.
  9. Diddo! Received and installed both the mag tube and the top rail! Both totally worth the wait. Mag tube super easy to install, looks great, holds enough rounds to put a hurtin' on the zombies when they attack!
  10. Hogslayer

    m4 or m2

    Truer words have never been spoken!
  11. Hogslayer

    Ruger SR-556

    Now that's a zombie killin' lead slinger right there. Might want to look at bud's guns as well. They have pretty good deals on lots of blasters. You might be able to find something you like. Damn AR's just like the Benelli's, the cheapest part is buying the gun. It's tricking it out that breaks you!
  12. Hogslayer

    Ruger SR-556

    Nice looking blaster there Hookster!
  13. Hogslayer

    Ruger SR-556

    Make sure you post us some pics when you have it all together.
  14. Hogslayer

    m4 or m2

    My advice to you is to buy both. Keep your hunting guns set up for hunting and keep your defense gun defensive. If money is tight (I know the benelli folks will complain) but look at the mossbergs 500s for your defensive needs. They make good guns at a reasonable price.
  15. Hogslayer

    m4 or m2

    WOW! Clearing your house? I'm pretty sure that's what 911 and the police are for. The shotgun is for keeping the intruder away from where I'm at, hence the term "home defense" with emphasis on the defense part, not for "clearing" my house. Not to mention, high capacity weapons, specifically the 5.56mm type require you to aim or innocents might become your unintended victims. And if you need more rounds than the M4 with a mag extension holds you should probably spend more time on the range.
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