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  1. If you still have these I will take them. Please email info to [email protected] thanks
  2. I am also looking for these wood parts if you stll have them please contact me. [email protected]
  3. Thanks for that information. Still looking for a stock
  4. Another auto mechanic suggestion. They make a very small hack saw. When I had a spark plug that was broken off with the threads still in the hole I would use this saw to cut through to the threads by cutting down the middle then make a cut on the opposite side.Now with a split on both sides you can use a punch and tap the pieces towards the center and lift out the pieces.Run a tap down it to clear the threads. Use antiseize so this doesnt happen again.
  5. BH inside box on receiver and barrel
  6. Do you still have these? I dont have enough posts to send you an IM
  7. Thanks alot for all the replies. Its good to know that I have a rare gun the ones with the wood stocks:). I looked at the bell and carson stocks. At 186 dollars it gets close to the 241 for the factory wood. And I saw a post on here somewhere about that they dont fit very well.Brownells is in Montezuma Iowa I go through there alot I will have to stop in there and see what they can do for me. I have till April turkey season to get this fixed. My gun is an H&K gun number U061798 can you tell the age of the gun using that number
  8. Last week I fell through the ice while deer hunting. On my way down I broke the stock on my SBE. I have tried to get ahold of Benelli to order one and got no answers. I have also looked around the internet gun sales and ebay with no success. Anyone have any suggestions.
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