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  1. edho2002

    14" m4

    Let say it was a factory one from the same guy that sold me my c-stock
  2. edho2002

    14" m4

    What kind of price range are we talking about here?
  3. not trying to be a prick here, but I think Beretta's main website is selling new Benelli M4 pistol grip stocks for $40.
  4. I thought it was 4 parts if I have a C-Stock and 3 parts if I have a full stock with pistol grip?
  5. For the mag tube and follower, is the lead time still 3-4 weeks as stated on the website? Am I charged when I place the order or when it ships? Still waiting on the rebate, but I'm getting antsy
  6. So short answer, yes you are are out of compliance if those are the only parts you have with a Benelli C-stock(even if it does not collapse). You will need a total of 4 compliant parts if you have a "C-stock". You kinda have to remember that with 922R it's not about function, but more with number of foreign parts. If your stock and pistol grip are 2 pieces then it is a 2 part count. If you have a fixed stock with a pistol grip as one piece, then it's a 1 part count. Now with CA, a collapsible stock on any auto shotgun is no bueno (Born and raised CA so I'm not making this up). That is a state law, where 922R is a NFA (federal) law. That's why its confusing, you in CA have to comply with harsher state laws on top of federal laws.
  7. You are correct, you will be 922R compliant with a US follower, US mag tube, and the FFT forend IF you have the OEM Benelli Stock. This thread and the new parts are for those that have the Benelli COLLAPSIBLE stock. With the Benelli C-stock you have 14 imported parts (the stock and pistol grip each get counted), rather than 13 parts, and need to change out 4 total parts. I hope this helps, I was confused on the matter as well when I first started doing the research.
  8. That makes perfect sense. I will wait as patiently as humanly possible :-) Out of curiosity, you mention that my disconnect is the more likely to be unmolested. What kind of hammer mods have you seen?
  9. Could you elaborate some more? Do you mean the release on the c-stock sometimes gets actuated or does it just randomly slip out of the notch? Does it happen while shooting or during maneuvering?
  10. Hi Kip, I was waiting for my rebate before I order your mag tube w/follower. With these new 922r compliance parts, I might hold off and order them all at once (I too have a C-stock and would like to get them all onto my firearm at once to comply). I am going to have the Surefire M80 as one of my compliant part, which means I will only need either the hammer or disconnect. Do you recommend using both parts in order to maintain reliability or will this be ok to order separately? Thank you!
  11. So other than Mesa Tactical, who else makes a sturdy sling adapter for the M4 w/ collapsible stock? I am looking for something compatible with my Magpul MS2. These are the only ones that I have found: GG&G KZ Mesa Tactical I want to use the GG&G single point sling attachment (sorry no pic or link because of low post count), but it's advertised for the M1/M3. I already know the answer to this, but will this fit my M4 with C-stock?
  12. How about active military? I am looking for 2 sets :-)
  13. The Urbino is 2" shorter than the M4 Stock (for both fully extended collapsible or regular full size). The LOP on the Urbino is 12.5" The LOP on the collapsible stock is 9.5", 12.5", and 14.5" (roughly). The LOP on the full size M4 pistol grip stock is 14.5" If my numbers are wrong, feel free to correct me. What I am curious is how much of a weight difference is between the Benelli M4 Collapsible stock and the Standard Benelli M4 stock. Here is what I know from Mesa Tactical's forum: Benelli M4 factory tactical stock: 1lb 10oz (26oz or 737g) Urbino Tactical stock: 1lb 5oz (21oz or 595g) Urbino Tactical stock with cheek riser: 1lb 10oz (26oz or 737g) Anyone have the M4 Collapsible weight?
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