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  1. I've never seen one of these, didn't even know they had em. Based on the description though, I can't see how it would justify spending an extra $1000.00..... My regular SBE II does just fine, and I've put it through **** huntin ducks and geese!
  2. Bello..... you could be right, I didn't even think of that. I would still look at that recoil spring though. My gun did the exact same thing, locking back after the first shot, and the new recoil spring fixed it. Whether it's the mag, or recoil spring, it's still an quick/easy fix.
  3. Does the bolt close with much force, or does it seem a little "soft?" If it's soft, and the bolt head doesn't rotate comletely to seat the bolt, consider taking the recoil spring out, cleaning the spring, the tube, and oiling it, or replace the recoil spring. If there isnt enough force because the spring is shot, or extremely dirty, it won't close the bolt properly. I would start there. Easy enough fix if it does the job.
  4. Not sure how long you've had the gun, but I would look at replacing the recoil spring. Mine would lock back and fail to load the next shell (even with 3.5"), and my recoil spring ended up being the culprit. It would be an easy fix, that's for sure.
  5. I bowhunt also, and can appreciate the challenges of that, or shooting smaller loads. I have no problem with that, my problem was when it was made to sound like because I shoot 3.5's, I am somehow inclined to take unrealistic, unethical shots. Like I said before though, people that take stupid shots with 3.5's are the same guys that will take stupid shots with whatever load they are using. By the way, I've always wanted to shoot birds with my bow, but I'm pretty sure I'd go through a lot of arrows!
  6. For the guys that think 3.5" shells are so horrible and apparently make hunters take unethical shots..... why aren't you just shooting 2 3/4"? The same argument can be made with the jump from 2 3/4" to a 3" shell. Bottom line is a 3.5" shell has more pellets. More pellets equals more chance that you kill the bird effectively. Again, I'm failing to see the downside here.
  7. Who's talking about winging birds and letting them die slowly somewhere? I don't take questionable shots where I think I might just "scratch" one. Not saying some guys don't, but those are the same guys that would do it whether they were shooting a 3" or 3.5". The length of the shell doesn't dictate whether a person is irresponsible or not. Fact is, a 3.5" shell has more space, which equals more payload, powder, etc. Granted, different manufacturers vary whether they put more powder, more pellets, or a mix of both into the shell, but the bottom line is that it is MORE. Better range, more pellets in the pattern, or a happy median..... whichever it is, I don't see the downfall.....
  8. I personally love shooting 3.5's at geese. When you need a little extra for smart late season birds, it's definitely nice to have. You might as well get the Super Vinci anyways. If you prefer shooting 3's, great, but if you want to shoot 3.5's, you have that option and don't have to buy or carry another gun.
  9. Depends on what kind of shots you are planning on taking and what kind of shells you are using. I use modified most of the time, but use improved when I know the ducks are going to be in my face. I also use improved when I'm shooting high density tungsten loads because they pattern super tight anyways. Pattern your chokes with different loads, and swap chokes out depending on where/what you are hunting.
  10. Well, the Benelli black is notorious for rusting/wearing if it's not taken care of super well (My black SBE 1 rusted after a couple hours in the case, transporting it home to clean it). I think it's worth the extra money to get the camo gun, the dipping process helps protect it. Plus, it just looks cool! I've got an SBE II in duck blind camo, and love it. Not sure it makes a whole lot of differenece as far as hiding goes though.
  11. "We still managed to knock down a couple of geese, both pushing the 25lbs mark" - That's what YOU said..... so, that means you are saying that goose is 25lbs...... This doesn't make any sense.
  12. Is that the picture of the 25lb goose? Killed with #2 shot? Based on the sizes of the holes and size of the goose, that is not a 25lb bird, period. This whole thing is a "big fish tale." I'm with hattles on this one. I shoot Giant Canada Geese regularly in Central Illinois, and a 14-15lb bird is not very common, and let me tell you they are big! True, the Giant Canada Goose CAN reach 20lbs, but you should research how long it's been since one that tipped the scales over 20lbs was shot. The largest Canada Goose on record (actually largest goose in the world, hands down) was 24lbs.
  13. 25lb geese huh? That's as big as a Trumpeter Swan.... not buyin it so much. You should have let someone document that cause it would have been a world record. Anyways, back on topic.... never actually tried the Snow Goose loads, but my SBE II likes the regular Black Cloud and I use factory chokes.
  14. All the "reviews" I've heard are mixed. Personally, I'm gonna stay away from it. Just a big marketing gimmic in my opinion. I have a hard time believing square shot can keep any sort of downrange velocity.
  15. Dakota Ducks look pretty good, but the full body geese look like they are on steroids, and the goose floaters look like a wounded goose. The front part of their body/base of the neck is really low in the water like a goose that's trying to escape danger.
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