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    After 12 years in TX I'm just getting into hunting, thx to my buddies!
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  1. I know you can't use the shims when using the pistol grip. Does it seat correctly when you slide it on without the sling mount inserted in the stock? And the screw you got from Benelli, is it threaded all the way? And just one more thought, are you using a deep set 6 sided 13mm socket?
  2. getting the field version drilled for a rail might be easier than getting a turkey setup. I believe from what I've read, SH ComforTech stocks are like hens teeth. Good luck! Love to know what/how your hunting in the motherland is going! Being a Leicester boy... hunting in TX is a lot of fun
  3. Hi there Gavin


    Well done on your whitetail. You're a lucky guy having made the move. I'd love to move out there, but the wife loves it here.


    Keep in touch. How many guns have you managed to buy so far?


    Are you missing anything?

  4. hi tasum, I'm Englishman living in Texas for 12 years now and took my first whitetail 3 weeks ago :) happy chap

  5. tasum Here's the setup. I'll post more when I get the SpeedBead. I'll be waiting for the tactical barrel. The pads aren't pushed in fully in these pics as I did this to show you it fits. btw, it feels like a totally different firearm with the pistol grip. LOVE IT!
  6. Hi tasum I did what you want to do but I had to get a part from Benelli to make it work. I had to change the Stock Retaining Nut Screw from this one (050B) on my SuperNova... to this one (050G) My parts list supplied with the firearm shows part code 050B, but as you can see in the top image, there's a collar on the thread that prevented the SteadyGrip pistol stock from sliding all the way to the receiver. I called Benelli and the code number for the Stock Retaining Nut Screw on the SBEII and the M2 is 050G (not 050B) and should be the same on the SuperNova, no idea why
  7. great setup... need to trick out my SuperNova Max4 Field.
  8. I have the supernova too but mines not drilled as I got the field version. Let me know how you get on, I want to drill and add a rail to mine.
  9. don't happen to have a max4 do you?
  10. Hi Admin, I want to post a help reply with 2 images and To be able to post links or images your post count must be 5 or greater. You currently have 0 posts.... what can I do? I don't want to make random comments to get to 5 posts. Pls help.

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