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  1. my question is how is H&K 2000 selling all these law enforcement/military parts to civilians and getting away with it? Benelli has not caught on yet? (cuz they will not like it once they do)
  2. so they can crap on my thread and make jokes but I cant, call them "idiots"................
  3. you idiots missed the *OR BEST OFFER* that was in all caps and starred? I keep myself open to offers , its no different than the prices of the C-stocks going through the roof
  4. There are other US made parts.. BUT..that is not the topic question is it... I want to know what its worth...
  5. Well I have a Benelli M4 (Item#: 11720) with the following installed: "DG" PARKERIZED tone Ti FL Mag Tube + Prem Spring + US Follower, from CarrierComp Telescoping Stock made by Benelli Ghost ring sights It also has the.. The full length stock with pistol grip that comes standard, and the standard mag tube It has had approximately 40 rounds fired through it What would something like this be worth?
  6. This is known if your LE..as you get discounts on alot of things..other than benelli If you are LEO, and you did not look into gov contractors/companys, before any firearm purchase your pretty stupid But as mosley128 said it, paperwork must be supplied.... However, the firearm can be for personal use, only some firearms require that they be used in the LE department, in which case a letterhead from your department signed by the chief is required..other wise they just ask for LE ID atleast that is the way ALL government contractors that sell benelli do it I assume buying di
  7. I dont have the C-stocks yet, and I am not promising getting them, but if and when I do they will NOT be 600..lol the stocks are model number 70085, benelli stocks..so whatever they fit
  8. sent a PM, saw that you cant respond so... I will have some in a few weeks, I will contact you as soon as I get them.. U can buy one, from me, if you still need one
  9. Please explain why something that can be obtained from a dealer would cost this much?
  10. cleefurd say i ordered a full mag tube on the 15th...are the orders on schedule with the 3-5 week wait?
  11. Yeah looks like ill just buy a heat gun and do it myself
  12. I think I may start up a shop on here also , we will have to fight for business
  13. How much profit are you making on these stocks?
  14. Vague what mag is on that M4?...is that a carrier comp? it looks really black
  15. just ordered one from carriercomp, now I have to play the waiting game Also, does anyone know how much it would be have a gun smith put the full mag tube on my M4? I heard it involves heating...and im not risking my 1.5k gun
  16. murphy, what kind of full length mag tube you got on there? Im just wondering because the color is off slightly, and im trying to match it almost perfect
  17. seems to be a good deal, but i would much rather buy off a dealer if at all possible
  18. http://www.cdnninvestments.com/ ?? I really need to find a good deal on a M4...
  19. POST PICTURES! I have no idea about purchasing a sling... 2 Point VS 3 Point ?? I will have a telescoping stock when my M4 comes in I searched and found other threads..but I thought I would make a new one
  20. Colt AR 15 (Own) Benelli M4 - (Waiting for it) Colt .45 1911 (Own) No need for anything else
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