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  1. I have a 28 " Benelli M1 S90 barrel for sale. I'm trying to determine a fair price. It has a Vent rib and comes with 3 chokes, IC ,MOD, and Full. I know that these older barrels are hard to find but I'm not looking to gouge anyone,just wanting a fair price.
  2. The wife with her HK M1S90 at a defensive shotgun class last March.
  3. I'm definitely a SOG (Slow Old Grandpa). I had a similar experience a few years back when my son killed a nice buck 2 miles away from the truck. I had to carry 3 rifles, binos,rangefinder,steady sticks, etc. plus my fat a_ _ while my son and nephew drug the deer out. I would opt for my G-21SF and LMT CQB MRP.
  4. Thanks for the additional information and the offer of help!
  5. Thanks! I just ordered one. I booked marked your tutorial on the disassembly/assembly. Was there any particular heat range(temp) that you maintained and did you use a commercial heat gun?
  6. Will the Numrich 3 position tube fit a 11701 M1014
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