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  1. I want to work on my trigger control and want to get more used to handling the gun. I want to get thses for both my M2 and CZ 75D PCR 9mm handgun. any online stores selling these?
  2. can I dry fire my M2 or will it be harmful for the gun.
  3. you can get one @ $10 at following link http://www.midwestgunworks.com/page/mgwi/prod/benelli-gun-parts/60868
  4. thanks for the pic. if you ask me I would not recommend cutting it just for 1 extra round.
  5. I haven't seen one before with such long magazine. would appreciate if you can post a pic with forend removed, just want to see the mag.
  6. thanks, and no I don't require 3-1/2" chamber that's why am convinced to buy a vinci
  7. thanks guys for the input. I am planning to get a vinci (raising funds at the moment ) and didn't want to spend extra on Super vinci just because of the trigger guard difference.
  8. well you asked for a mag that long and I suggested accordingly. the one in your earlier post may be an original Benelli mag ext which I think are no longer available in US.
  9. it means it's not a serious problem that can effect the performance of a shooter
  10. Nordic components have magazine extensions which add 8 rounds to the original magazine. It's available online at following link http://shop.nordiccomp.com/NC-Shotgun-Extension-Complete-Assemblies-for-12ga-12GA-EXT.htm
  11. some people mentioned that it hits the middle finger when the gun is fired and that's the reason why it was redesigned in the super vinci...? I find it hard to beleive but since I have never handled a vinci so am curious.
  12. I have read on various forums about bad design of vinci trigger guard. Just wanted to know how bad is it. is it bothering all the shooters or only few face problems with it?
  13. that looks almost new , congrats and safe shooting
  14. Hi, joes sporting goods is offering very good price on Benelli M2 American series. http://www.joessportinggoods.com/65035011032.html Has anyone experience of buying from them ?
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