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  1. At the moment I will mostly shoot it and keep to reversable mods. Currently working on the shell stop, it is way too tough.
  2. Here's a picture I took when I disassembled it over the weekend, as you can see the nut itself screws off and slides off the tube. I was told that all I need do if I want to put a nordic extension on this for an extra round is to cut the tube at the threads, a Nordic or other extension will just thread on normally from there.
  3. Only the marines in question where doing a 3gun match with them. That would infact be very cool. In other news, I ran 9 and 7.5 shot through this gun with zero problems, also some slugs and buckshot, it eats everything I throw at it.
  4. Well I finally got it home: A weird thing, this isn't a normal capacity tube with an extension, the whole tube seems to be one single piece. This puts a crimp in my plans to replace the now non-existent extension with a Nordic... Also loading of rounds is a bit stiff, anything that can be done to help that along, it's stiffest at the last part of inserting a cartridge, gotta give it a real shove then, not conductive to fast loading...
  5. But whoops! It wasn't an M4 as I had been thinking about for a really long time. For some reason it lost its lack of appeal to me. I dunno maybe it had todo with youtube! Search benelli M4 and you barely find anything but people empyting their mags and going "**** yeah I got an M4, sandbox etc." I think it left an impression on me and I subconsciously associated the M4 with bland boring 10 sec videos. Meanwhile if you look for M1/M2s you'll find a whole lot more videos of people actually using their guns in something else than shooting in a gravel pit. Hickok45 for instance does a whole lot of impressive shooting with this 20 year old Benelli M1S90, Tom Knapp had an M1S90 as well. And M2s are in use all kinds of 3gunning and the like as well. So probably being swayed by what I saw I went looking for an M1 or M2 instead. I held an M2 in the store and it was fantastic, even with a 28" barrel it felt shorter and lighter somehow than me 29" Remington 870. Anyway just last week I found a very lightly used M1 Super 90 with a 21" VR barrel and factory 7 shot magtube. Pictures are big and the forum only allows 2 pics at a time so here are links: http://i.imgur.com/yYtoM.jpg http://i.imgur.com/vN3Lv.jpg http://i.imgur.com/oyqzv.jpg http://i.imgur.com/O5tdI.jpg Sadly I haven't gotten it yet, but sometime next week it should be here. Really though I wish there more videos of M4s being used, by people who know how to use them, for something else than magdumping. Like a competition or something, I've seen maybe 5 videos total like that, in a sea of crap.
  6. Is it perhaps possible to modify the forestock to make it mate with the receiver?
  7. Does this also apply to the forestock? I really like the M1 forestock over the M2 forestock, it's my main cosmetic issue with an M2.
  8. Nobody knows? Anyone know if the M2 Comforttech stock would fit on an M4 then?
  9. I'm wondering if anyone here knows if you can put an M1 stock set on an M2 shotgun?
  10. His Divine Shadow

    14" m4

    Now if you could only fit a magwell to that and make it accept box magazines.
  11. I figured the M4 had an automatically adjusting gas system so it could cycle light loads and heavy loads both without there being any issues like this.
  12. I really like that stock as well, I would say it's far more practical and useful than a pistol grip stock.
  13. I'd be real interested if Mesa Tactical decided to make another urbino stock except without a pistol grip. Now that'd be interesting.
  14. This conflicts with what I've heard elsewhere, I thought the 11707s had the type of cylinder with a notch for only one position (fully extended)? Hence why the notched cylinders where valuable.
  15. I see, when I talk about the stock tube I refer to the tube (or is a cylinder) with notches on it for various positions of the collapsing stock. Just to make sure there is no confusion.
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