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  1. DNZ are aluminum mounts. Very well made products. Midsouth shooters supply carries them as well as the DNZ website.
  2. I have not seen any Leupold bases made for the R1. But then again I was not shopping for bases seeing my rifle came with the swan/weaver base. I went with the medium Leupold PRW rings. I have 3 pairs of these rings and love them. Mounted the base, rings and 3-12x42mm scope on my R1 and bore sighted it. Everything was in line and centered without adjustment. I see DNZ is making a one piece mount system for the R1. If I was to buy a mount thats the one I would buy. Not sure about the Browning bases but I would they no. The R1 has 5 mounting holes, not 4 like most guns.
  3. I have a question.....do you just slide the gas piston assembly over the rubber o ring or do you take the o ring off first? I took mine apart for the first cleaning tonight and the piston assembly slid right over the ring with little friction. Seemed to be the way to do it but will it ruin the rubber o ring? Thanks for the info!
  4. Thanks for the advice! Right now I have all my stuff packed for my move but will be getting some loads worked up come mid summer. I did buy 2 boxes of factory rounds just so I can get out with the gun sooner and get some shooting in. Can you reload your brass after its fired through your R1? Thanks again!
  5. Like the above thread said, sounds like the barrel heating up is throwing your last shot off. Thats a problem with most magnum rounds, barrel heats up quickly. When I sight in I fire no more than 2 rounds at a time. I then check the target, adjust if needed and wait till the barrel is cooled down.
  6. I just bought a new R1 in 300 Win Mag. I have not shot it yet but I hope to soon. I am moving to Nebraska this July and wanted a good long range gun. You can't go wrong with either caliber in my book. I guess if I was going to hunt more woodland elk than anything I would of chosen with the 338. Good luck with your new gun! Keep us posted on how it shoots.
  7. Hi guys, I am new to the forum. I have been shooting the Super Black Eagle for years and have decided to buy a R1 in 300 Win Mag. I live in Upstate New York, was born and raised here and have decided to move to Nebraska. I wanted a good long range gun seeing I will be hunting the plains and open country. Also might try for some Elk someday. Anyhow I was wondering if anyone good give me some advice on reloading for the R1 in 300 Win Mag? I bought some 180grain SST bullets and was wondering if I should stick to medium burning powders as I have read that should be used? Seems like all my reloading info has loads for slower powders, as I would say that it is due to the magnum round? Also is the brass pretty much spent after firing it in the R!? Crimp? SST have the crimp ring so I will slightly roll crimp them, but what about Accubond bullets? Thanks in advance for all the help. I want to start off on the right track. Thanks! DFJ
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