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  1. "Please post picture and contact information on the wife...." The lady steals peoples shotguns. And, you want her? Tucker, you must have eaten too many paint chips as a child.
  2. benellimax4


    How can a board have less posting than this board? There are 5 of us total.
  3. I always just use Federal 7.5 birdshot. Not one malfunction ever. No break in necessary. Just clean and lube it before you take it out.
  4. Like new condition. 75 rounds fired through the gun (Factory Federal 7.5 birdshot). No scratches or dings. Perfect condition. Benelli M2 American 12 ga in Max 4 camo. It has a 28" vented rib barrel, 3 chokes, and manual. FREE SHIPPING TO 48 STATES. $795 shipped.
  5. 60K rounds would be awesome. Benelli is an incredible company. They fixed my barrel at no charge. It is a 15 year old gun! I was so thrilled with them, I bought a brand new camo M2 American. My M1S90 is now my backup duck gun. Could you explain more about "possibly wear on threads in the tail"? I am not sure what you mean.
  6. I have a 15 year old 12 gauge M1S90 28" hunting gun. I shoot approximately 500 rounds a year. How long should this gun last? Last December, I had the barrel ring shear off the gun on a duck hunt. Benelli repaired it at no charge. Just last week, I took it out and the sling swivel fell off the magazine cap. I take very, very good care of my guns. But, I am hoping that the gun isn't just starting to fall apart.
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