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  1. Where can I get some gloves to improve my grip?
  2. I was more concerned with ruining something in the tube - but my guess is it won't make that much of a difference. Maybe I can get it brazed to make a nice loop..
  3. I do think Red/white/blue gun wrap would be a hot seller...
  4. Any direction on this as far as what you found to be most useful?
  5. Remarkable, I am trying to get up to 15 posts to PM you. can you PM me your email address? (@usfamily.net from a post in '06 isn't working) I was wondering if I find the +25% spring not able to cycle 1-1/8 brass if I can use a wire cutter to snip a couple turns off of it on the nut end. Thanks BeeFCaKe
  6. I registered to send PMs as well. Would be interested if this is indeed comfortec
  7. beefcake

    14" m4

    Yah, PM me too when they are in stock and available.
  8. Replace with Sharpie Lettering when it fades. Or see if you can get a "gun wrap" in USA Flag camo.
  9. Got a chuckle out of this. And really, why is the "stock" stock so valuable?
  10. Wise Words of Wisdom... That and something about yellow snow.
  11. Do you recommend a Skeet choke for Sporty's as well?
  12. Go with 16 ga. My concern would be ammo availability unless you are reloading.
  13. beefcake

    2011 turkey

    Looks Nice! Great Bird!
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