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  1. I would buy new. I don't mind used if I know where it came from and how it had been taken care of. If you find a used one check for excessive wear in the finish, corrosion and stuck choke tube.
  2. Skeet tube all season long with #8's.
  3. Pattern your gun with your chokes that came with it first at the ranges you plan on shooting. If that doesn't work, then look at aftermarket tubes.
  4. bulldog18

    SuperNova & Nova

    Also with the supernova you can adjust the stock to fit you.
  5. Check the two action bars screws in the forend. Sometimes when these get too tight they can cause binding making it hard to pump.
  6. Any of the above mentioned guns would be good as long they fit you properly. My personal favorite is my M2. Shoot clays, pheasants and waterfowl with mine.
  7. Contact Mann & Son at 618-357-2911. Use red loctite to install new parts.
  8. I replaced the one on my son's supernova with a m2 front sight bead. Can get them from brownells. Made all the difference in the world installing the smaller sight.
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