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  1. Does that M1 have a pistol grip? If so, it fits in that eagle ind. case fine?
  2. Welcome to the forum, stockp. Sounds like you've been having a great time!
  3. Thanks guys. I'll look at NAPA and Snap-on for sure. @rocket - Thanks for answering my other question.
  4. Looks like I wasted some money on the 36" NCStar case. It is too tight of a fit. After fumbling around with it for about 5 minutes, I did manage to get it zipped shut. After being in the case overnight, the case did stretch a bit. It's easier to zip up. However, the zipper is still quite tight/stretched. It's probably not worth the shipping charge to bother shipping it back. I see now on the NCStar website they offer a 38" size. That should be perfect. I already placed an order for that one. @birddog - Those cases look nice. However, I don't see a size around 38-40 inches. I wante
  5. I just installed my CC full legth tube. (Purchased about a year ago... decide it was time to install it today:confused:) When I re-inserted the spring retainer using the snap ring pliers, the spring retainer never felt like it seated into a recession or ring. It seems to just be gripping the inner wall of the full length tube. I don't want to take it back apart just to feel the inside of the CC full length tube. Can someone tell me... is the inner wall of the CC full length tube slick or is there a groove for the spring retainer to seat itself? I guess I'm afraid the spring will come flyin
  6. Thanks daniel. I just ordered one on eBay. Saved a few bucks on the shipping charge!
  7. Wow, needncash, I'd say the 2N2 Gunpod looks more like a mobile gunsafe!!! Hmmmm, I just started looking at gunsafes. That might not be a bad idea.
  8. Thanks guys! I've got the 5.11 range bag and love it. So, the 5.11 36" gun case was at the top of my list! However, I just discovered this case: http://www.tacticalshotgunaccessories.com/minotaur/gearbags/shotguncases.htm It seems to be unbranded so the quality is unknown, but the low price might make it worth the gamble.
  9. I'm looking for a nice gun case for my M4. It's just shy of 35" long with the collapsible stock. I'd love to get a Pelican case. I just might get one for bigger trips, but it seems to bulky for short trips to the range. I've having trouble finding a 36" soft case that has a slim profile. Everything I find in 36" is is more like for an Ar15 with large magazines and large scopes. What are you guys using?
  10. @benelliwerkes - according to the Brownells video I watched, the magna-tip system is 3/8". It appears your Wiha has a 1/4" to 3/8" adapter attached. Is that correct? Did it come with that adapter? It does not show that adapter on the amazon description. BTW, your pics give me a case of tool envy! @strangerdanger - did you get the brownells/magna-tip torque wrench/screwdriver with your set? Looks like it only cost $70 when you buy it with that massive set. Either way, nice Father's Day gift!!!
  11. Thanks benelliwerkes! Looks like you made your post at the same time I discovered this post from Kip. Seems the proper amount of tourque is a mystery. However, if you have success with 8.5 in/lbs then I don't see why they would need to be any tighter.
  12. Hmmm, I just looked at Brownells. They have the Magna-Tip torque handle. Might be worth the $120 since it comes with a lifetime guarantee. Anyone have/use this Brownells/Magna-tip model?
  13. I was wondering if any of you guys know exactly how many inch pounds Benelli recommends for tightening the screws on the M4 picatinny rail. Perhaps some think it is unnecessary to use a torque screwdriver. For one, I'd rather be safe than sorry. Second, I love tools! Also, I'd take a recommendation on a good torque screwdriver. Amazon dot com has a number of brands (Wheeler, Weever, Wiha, Neiko, etc.) at fairly reasonable prices. $50-$100 As much as I love tools, I can't see spending more than a $100 for this tool unless someone can convince me otherwise.
  14. An additional $20 (total $70) would be too much for a charging handle. However, if it were offered I'd buy it just to make my M4 "complete".
  15. That's correct. As I stated in my first post. The FFT charging handle is all titanium. The Carrier Comp charging handle is titanium and steel. The 1st gen Carrier Comp charging handle was all titanium but would bend/fail with heavy use. The 2nd gen Carrier Comp charging handle is much stronger.
  16. I don't think this info will have anything to do with the charging handle. The charging handle is made of titanium and steel which can not be anodized. Only aluminum can be anodized. Unless, perhaps the same company that does the anodizing does the type of finish that the charging handle requires.
  17. Lol, are you serious? I find it hard to believe that anyone who has been a member since June 2011 with 185 posts hasn't heard of Carrier Comp. However, Kip (owner of Carrier Comp) hasn't made a post on this forum since September of last year so I guess it's possible. I guess I am familiar with his products because I lurked this forum for about a year before I became a member and made my first post. Short answer: www.carriercomp.com Long answer: Kip from Carrier Comp is well know on this forum for making specific products for the M4. His has a meticulous attention to detail and qual
  18. I've been hoping for a black charging handle from CarrierComp for about 6 months. Since it seems Kip is no longer very active on this forum, I'm starting to look at other options. I'd like to hear from those who have the FFT charging handle. Does the finish match the M4? Also, I have concerns about the strength of the FFT's all titanium design. I remember reading something about Kip changing his original all titanium product to a titanium/steel hybrid. I think his original design had some failures. So, this leaves me wondering about the strength of the FFT charging handle. Anyone know ho
  19. Welcome to the forum! Good luck with this sale. If you want that price you'll most likely have to sell someplace else. They go for about $150+ less here.
  20. Why do people get so uptight about diggin up old threads. I found it to be an interesting read.
  21. stealle


    I got mine from hecklet&kochp2000 last week. NIB, fast shipping, and cost less than you can get anywhere else unless you are a LEO.
  22. The mods can do whatever they want. I found my answers shortly after starting this thread. What's going on right now is just some friendly harmless banter between members! Just having a little fun. I think the mods will see it for what it is.
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