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  1. I was looking into the same thing. The only real solution I can think of is to thread one of the holes in nut above the pistol grip and putting a swivel stud in it. I'm also looking into the same idea but having a custom stud made that has a big enough hole to accept an hk style sling attachment. I'm sure if you tighten the nut good enough and locktite both the nut and the swivel stud it should work fine.
  2. Cool, thanks! It took me a while just to find a supernova tactical. I wanted a new supernova but the only store in Vegas that had them had marked them up to $599. Their reasoning was that there weren't any in town and they were back ordered by benelli for six months. I couldnt support their greed so I found mine for $400 used. Anyways, if the shotgun is that hard to find, I'm sure the accessories are too.
  3. Hi. I just bought a used supernova tactical the other day and would like to put a collapsible stock on it. Anyone know where I can find one? Thanks
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