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  1. Never mind....I just realized the DFS is for a pump action.
  2. Anyone familiar with the Surefire DFS-M1/M2, and will it work on the M4?
  3. I'm interested in a c-stock for my M4. I had an H20 ordered and paid for, but I'm not too thrilled with the current configuration. Which stock is the best? I've seen that the Benelli 70085 is difficult to purchase. This isn't a "must have", just think it's cool.
  4. Benelli told me that once they fill all the back orders, that there will be no more H2O's.....we'll see.
  5. Your right. Norbar is a calibration company I deal with....my bad!
  6. Probably Norbar. They do the NP3 coating. I was told by Benelli that they were still going to fill the back orders but may have to make changes to make the ATF happy. They also said that they would adjust the pricing if they had to eliminate items such as the stock and tube. The stock could be changed, and I'm sure that Norbar would NP3 a tube, and that could be added, but the cost of doing that should be the amount of the price reduction. I also still have one on order. Not sure if I want it or not. I did pick up a standard black M4..... It's fun to shoot skeet with.
  7. Mine has been on order for about the same time period...and paid for. Benelli says that the lawyers are working with the ATF. I suggested that whatever problem the ATF has, replace the item on the gun and offer a rebate based on the warranty registration that will allow you to purchase the original part from Robar, who's coating it with the NP3 and assembling. Who knows what they're going to do. I just picked up a standard M4 and installed the extended tube for something to play with. It's a great gun and allot of fun. We'll see what happens. Good luck!
  8. Pudmullet

    M4 ammo

    Thanks. It's good to know that it will loosen up eventually. Just means I need to shoot it alot....I can do that!
  9. Pudmullet

    M4 ammo

    I just picked up my new M4 the other day and have shot abot 40 rounds throught it. It will only cycle high brass ammo. Will that change as it breaks in, or is that just the way it is?
  10. Ordered one from SOCOMguy. Should have it in about a week......thanks.
  11. Ready to purchase. Sent you an email.
  12. Sorry...typo...meant FFT. I'll wait to hear back from SOCOMguy...and I'll switch threads. THANKS!
  13. I know this subject has been beat to death...but...I'm ready to order an extended tube for my new M4. Compcarrier is out because of the wait time. FFL is out because of the color. That leaves Dave's and SOCOMguy. I've contacted both without reply. The prices are very different and I'm a believer in "you get what you pay for"...So which is the better and which can I get now? I wish Kip could produce em quicker or FFL could color match. Thanks guys!
  14. Straight from Benelli....There will be no more H2O's. They say that they are planning to fill backorders for orders that were placed early, March, maybe April. I'll believe it when I see it.
  15. There will be no more H2O's. If you go to their web site, you can't find one anywhere. Benelli says that they are still planning on filling only those back ordered early. Probably no later than last April, but there are no guarantees. They're not taking any orders and haven't for some time. Not sure what they're going to do to make ATF happy. Info is almost impossible to get. I've had one ordered and paid for since March....Not holding my breath....look for pre-owned, or make one from a standard M4. It just wont have the NP3 coating.
  16. Benelli will likely make whatever adjustment they need to in the "manufacturing" process to allow them to sell what they have in the pipe line and then be done with the H2O...I'm glad I'm not in a hurry.
  17. Don't know exactly. It has to do with the work being done in the US that they're not happy with. They mentioned the mag tube...???
  18. Just spoke with Benelli. The H2O's are delayed due to the ATF. They're working on making them happy and said that all that were ordered before mid April will be delivered. They just don't know when. I was also told that those remaining on back order will be it for the H2O. There will be no more.
  19. Mine has been on order and paid for in February also. I was told about the same thing from Benelli the last time I contacted them. I haven't asked lately. I figure it will get here when it gets here. No hurry.
  20. The last I was told by Benelli is that those H2O's that were ordered in the early months should be delivered by year end. I get a different story every time I talk with them except that they will fill those early back orders. If you go to their web site, you can't find an H2O. Don't know if there will be any more in the future...???
  21. Spoke with Robar yesterday. They're receiving 200 M4's every shipment now. Sounds like Benelli has ramped up production a little.
  22. Right place, at the right time....that never happens to me. Good to hear about the finish.
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