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  1. I've got a Supernova on the way! I called choke-tubes.com and they told me that 3inch hevishot 2oz. #6's will out pattern a 3.5" with 2 1/4 #6's. They also said the 3inchers pattern more consisteltny over the ten shots they test their chokes with. They recommended I get a .650 choke. Anyone agree? Disagree?
  2. That is what I was thinking too. I just ordered the carlson .650 choke nonported but the company assured me that 3 inch hevi shot #6's would out pattern the 3.5's everytime. Now I'm torn between what to hunt with!
  3. Thanks! What do you think about rem oil with moisture guard? I called benelli and they said it would be fine to apply to the outside lightly. I think I might try to clean it with that too. Opinions?
  4. Looking at clenzoil at cabela's... it says it will not harm polymer or other synthetic surfaces. Anyone use it?
  5. You use hoppe's elite cleaner to do that? Or oil?
  6. You think I could get the same results with a 26' supernova? I'm on the market right now...
  7. I just got my first benelli (supernova) and I don't want to damage the camo coating when I clean it. I was thinking of using rem oil (with moisture guard) to do it all. Will that work? I wanted something to be able to put on the barrel in case of small nicks in the coating.
  8. That makes sense. I think I'll stick with the 26'. Sorta in between extremes.
  9. I just got a Supernova in APG! I like it a lot! I'm looking for a good do-it-all solution I can use with my gun that will not damage the camo coating on the barrel or polymer. I like break free clp but I heard it will hurt the camo after a while. Is there anything safe out there that cleans, lubes, and protects all in one bottle/can?
  10. Thanks! I didn't think the length would change anything, I just wanted to make sure.
  11. I'm gonna buy a Benelli SuperNova soon in the APG with a 26" barrel. I've seen some pictures on the forums of really tight turkey patterns coming from supernova's with a 24" barrel. I'd get the same choke and load they were using, but do you think that getting a 26" barrel would throw off the pattern? I'm going with a 26 because I'm planning to use is for things other than just turkey, I think a 26 is more versatile.
  12. Anyone think that getting a 26 inch supernova over a 24 will effect the tight pattern negatively?
  13. 4 years after your post... How long was your barrel on that supernova? I'm thinking about buying a 26" one and wondering if I can expect the same results!
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