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  1. Not sure. I have a R1 in 30.06 which really likes the 165 grain Trophy Bonded Tip rounds. Best groups out of many other options on the market today. Took a white tail last fall with great efficiency. Steve
  2. Diver75_98, I do not know if Benelli montors these threads. I would assume that would be good for business. All they would need is a yout tube video with explicit instructions on how to clean and what not to do. But, that is only my opinion. Steve
  3. Dirty Steve


    Cleaning the R1 is more involved than I imagined before I purchased it. Never had a semi auto rifle before. I have a Super Black Eagle II. Obviously a very different platform. Do people remove the whole gas section from the receiver with the two allen head screws? Looked possibly easier then sliding the cylinder back and forth to clean in, under, and around it. How long with the O-ring last? Steve
  4. IF I may ask, What scope and rings did you use. I have had very little bench time with my R1. I have hunted with it once or twice but never had a shot. I am not totally secure in my sight picture. I have medium PRW rings fro Leupold and a Leupold VX-3 with a one inch tube. I was thinking about changing the cheek pad but its a tough call when you can try them each before buying one. Thanks
  5. Still waiting. I checked the Benelli website and asked them to E-mail me when in stock... nothing yet.
  6. I ordered a new R1 30-06 4- shot mag in January of this year. Still have not gotten it. Anybody else having the same issue?
  7. Planetcat, Thanks for the info. I bought the R1 synthetic in camo and it came with the Benelli base/rail. And your right about the base being pricey. Website has it listed for $100! I've always been partial to 3-9 x 40 scopes but a friend of mine has a 50 mm scope that he found used which I like. I need to get the gun paid off the Bass Pro card before I look at scopes though. Are there any brands of ammo and/or grain sizes you prefer?
  8. New R1 30/06 owner here. I'm a white tail hunter and don't put much time in at the bench. I don't hand load. Just wondering what rings work the best with the picatinny base. Was looking at Leupold PRW rings. Not sure if I'm going with a 40mm or 50 mm lens- which will surely determine was height rings to get. If you have high rings did you put on the high comb rubber piece that is available? What are you folks running? I have to pay the damn thing off before getting a new scope/rings/anything! Any suggestions on good factory rounds. Not trying to start WW3 about bullets just wondering what
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