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  1. I was  thinking of getting the Carrier comp magazine tube set up but I may have to go with the +2 magazine route due to if laws change again in my state. I know i have to stay within the 922(r) rules when doing this,  But if if i go this route do i have to change the magazine spring too? I'm thinking of doing a trigger pack upgrade from Freedom Fighter Tactical.

  2. In the Alien Nation Movie (1988 ,James Caan) ,there's a scene with a Benelli Super M1 90 being used in a hold up which they used a detachable mag with it, my question is that is this a movie prop or an actual factory accessory part from Benelli  ?

  3. Does it pay to get a Wolf spring for back up even if you don't have a full length tube and you are only using the 5 plus 1 tube?  Would it function correctly using a non-full length tube? I have an extra factory spare spring now just don't know the difference in function. 


  4. What s the recommend charging Handle these days for the Benelli m4? I was thinking of getting either the freedom Fighter Tactical 3/4 Steel or the titanium handle. Just looking for something to grasp a little easier.

    Thanks for the recommendations.

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