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  1. Ok thank you! I thought it was around 2 lbs.
  2. The tactical one (pistol grip, non collapsible).
  3. Hi everybody, Does anyone know how much the stock weighs for the Benelli M4? I'm shipping one out and need to know how much it weighs. Thanks
  4. Do you have a new top rail installed? You may have not taken the washers out of the OEM rail and put them in the new top rail. This caused the 5 screws to protrude into the receiver and catch and lock the bolt back. Happened to me when I installed my Sidearmor Mod 3.
  5. notrabmas

    Reflex sites

    I've heard that most optics won't work with the OEM, but I could be wrong. That's why I thought everyone changes theirs. I guess YMMV though.
  6. notrabmas

    Reflex sites

    It is the LT661, but optics don't work on the OEM top rail. You have to buy an after-market one (Carriercomp, Freedom Fighter Tactical, or Sidearmor).
  7. notrabmas

    Reflex sites

    Wow, that actually makes a lot of sense.
  8. notrabmas

    Reflex sites

    Ever think about getting the Larue low profile mount for the T-1?
  9. What was he saying that was a nuisance I remember watching his videos and I saw that he had an account on here that was banned. Or is he now "he-who-must-not-be-named"?
  10. notrabmas


    I've used it before and it works perfectly. It's especially nice that you don't have to wear gloves either. I've looked at the forums with the mold problems, but I personally don't think there's enough evidence to say it was the reason mold was growing.
  11. I paid about $5.00 for a box of 5.
  12. Sadly it's just the regular stock. I wish I had a collapsible stock haha. I'm out right now, but I can post pictures soon.
  13. I have a used Benelli M4 pistol grip stock for sale. Was only on my shotgun once when I fired it. Looks brand new and doesn't have any scratches or wear to it. Looking for offers.
  14. So should I put lube just there? Or all over it?
  15. I found out about it when I took the trigger group out. That makes a lot of sense on why it is stiff; the gun is pretty much brand new and has had about 15 rounds through it. Besides oil, will shooting the gun loosen up the disconnector? What about cocking the bolt back while the safety is on to loosen it up?
  16. I found out the reason mine is stiff is because when the safety is on, the thing that hold the hammer when it's cocked doesn't allow any movement since the trigger can't be pulled. When the safety is off though, it allows it to move so that the hammer can be cocked. I hope this doesn't mean mine has a problem.
  17. Umm, I guess I'm trying to say when I pull back the bolt to load a shell (the hammer is foreard) and the safety is on, it's slightly stiff when the bolt reaches the hammer. When the safety is off, I can pull the bolt back (with the hammer forward) with no resistance. I just lubricated the gun yesterday too.
  18. Strange, mine is kinda stiff when I try with the safety on.
  19. Huh, that makes sense. One more question that's unrelated, you can't pull back the bolt if the safety is on, right?
  20. I've read that in the manual, but where is the button?
  21. Hi, I have an M4 and I've fired it and all that, but how do you unload the rounds from the tube? I know on a pump you rack the slide, but on the M4 do you rack the bolt instead?
  22. Haha, that was me. Did you put in the stock washers OP?
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