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  1. Originally ordered 2/26/13. Got my shipping notice on 12/2, but there was a delay due to a death in Kip's family. Tube just arrived today, 12/23 and it's immaculate. Flawless. Looking forward to putting it on. Almost 10 months to the day, but the weight and quality looks to be worth it.
  2. Ordered 2/26. Just got my shipping notice today. A little over 9 months!
  3. Except that it's Botach. I'll never give them another cent.
  4. Good news for my Feb 26 order. Looks to be about 8 months!!
  5. Ordered mine at the end of Feb! Guess I still have another 2-3 months. Yikes!
  6. $189 plus shipping for the color matched version.
  7. Thanks. I'm aware of the original timelines/reasons. Just letting everyone know that there has been no further activity on an order from 2/26.
  8. I ordered 2/26 and haven't heard a peep since order confirmation, although I have been charged.
  9. My buddy has an M2 and I have a 10/22, but I wouldn't take two of each for my M4. 10/22 gets boring real fast and the M4 feels and shoots much better then the M2 IMHO. M4 recoil feels more solid and smoother.
  10. bigbully

    Ammo prices?

    I'm using RIO buck now without any issues. It doesn't keep a tight spread like the Federal stuff so I don't recommend it for HD use, but it's fine for range days and break in. http://www.selwayarmory.com/rioroyalbuck12galowrecoil00buck9pellet-1-1.aspx
  11. $35 shipping kills it for me.
  12. Wow! I just noticed they have stopped taking orders until they catch up. I ordered 2/26 and was charged 3/25. I've been hearing shipping is usually about 2 months after you're charged.
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