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  1. Just FYI. My father is an Attorney and Ret. Superior Court Judge, and unless you Deliberately made modifications to said trigger group, and they can PROVE You Made said Modifications(Filing, changes to geometry of parts), you can in no way shape or form be held liable for ANYTHING!!! Oh, and also if you sold it, Knowingly or Intentionally, to a prohibited possessor! You are good to sell... Wish I could afford. I only need ONE More part, and can't find $h*t I can afford after my firearm shopping spree....... I would happily buy just the disconnector!! Or whatever...
  2. Do you still have the CC Mag Tube by any chance??
  3. Hello. Do you still have #2 by any chance??
  4. Hey Guys! Thanks for all of the help. I did get my stock and installed it!! Now I cannot find a Mag Tube for $hite!! I got a Fab Defense Handguard. I DONT LIKE IT!!! It SUCKED to fit it correctly, and it was made in ISRAEL, therefore NOT 922 COMPLIANT anyway... 😡🤬 Didn't notice that in any description, but then again I wasn't L👀KING for it either. I guess I just Assumed it was U.S. Made. My Bad, so I ordered the Strike Industries one. Not here yet. Also in Search of the U.S. Made Trigger Group now too.. This M4 is almost up to $3,000, and my wife has ZERO idea.. lol. Sssshhhh, nobody tell her please!!! LMAO🤣 So if anyone has any ideas on a Mag Tube and Trigger Kit, please let me know! Also, if anyone is looking for that Fab Defense Handguard, I got one... CHEAP!! Let me know. I appreciate all of your help. And please feel free to Laugh, cause it really is kinda funny.. I have wanted this shotgun So Bad for SO Long, and now I've had it a few weeks, and haven't even been able to shoot it..😡🤪At this point, I can disassemble and reassemble in the dark with my eyes closed! So at least something good came of my frustrations! Now I am on my way to pick up my .44 Mag Desert Eagle! Wooowhooo! Another Dream Gun of mine! I really do have a lot to be thankful for in my life! Now I will enjoy taking my Wife and Kids out shooting as often as possible... Just as soon as AZ Weather drops below 247°F.... IF, it ever drops below that, I guess. 🥵😳🙄
  5. Got my stock in and installed this weekend!! BIG DIFFERENCE!!! Got it from Benelliparts.net after all. Now I gotta find a mag tube. Gonna call about the potential full length Carbon Fiber, because it doesn't show up on the site itself.. Thanks again guys!! Fig
  6. And they were up to $699???? Really? WOW!! NO WAY would I ever pay that... lol I do have a buddy with Homeland Security who Might be able to help me. If I remember correctly, he may owe me a favor from back in high school.... lol.. Almost 30 years ago.. Worth a try I guess.
  7. Thanks for the response! I thought it didn't feel like NP3. I had an HK USP coated when they first started the NP3 in 2011, and it feels COMPLETELY different from my Benelli. I just wasn't sure, since the call it NP3 everywhere... As far as the magtube, if it's full length carbon fiber, I might do it anyway! I love carbon fiber!! And for the stock, if I can get one at the $400-450 range, I should probably just do it if I really want one then, I am guessing?.... Or do you maybe know anyone with an extra, or even someone that might want the pistolgrip stock that I could trade with? Thanks again! Eric "Figgy" Figueroa
  8. Hey guys. Not to step on anyone's toes on this thread, but this all concerns me also, as of the week before last!! Lol. I got the M4 H20 model. I did get the fixed stock, so now I am in search of the collapsible... One on EBAY for $459 or something REDICULOUS like that. But I went on Benelliparts.net and it is letting me purchase one, or so it appears. It is the all black, but I don't care. They are also charging $399(WTF???) I thought it was supposed to be $249 through Benelli? The is a space for a "Coupon Code", but the internet is full of BS ones that don't work. Does anyone know where I can get one cheaper or a code I can use? I also need the 7 Round NP3 Titanium Mag Tube(Wish they made a full length Carbon Fiber... That would be cool!).. Anyway, please let me know if you guys have any idea. Or if Stranger Danger happens to see this. Anyone here can respond to me here, or my email at [email protected] Just if anyone has the time. Thank you all!! This is a great Forum, BTW! Figgy
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