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  1. Hey guys, I'm sure some of you have already seen some of my posts in the other topic of the disconnector problem but figured I would ask this here since it pertains to the A&S trigger housing vs starting a new thread. So I just put in the FFT trigger group into the A&S housing and all seems to be functioning correctly when doing numerous functions checks by manually resetting the hammer before putting it back into (safety first!). After installing the assembled FCG back into the gun and function testing, looking into the ejection port, the hammer seems to be almost "bouncing" ba
  2. Update: I was starting to wonder why I hadn't received an email with an order update/shipped from A&S, a few minutes later my wife sent me a picture of a package that arrived. So, just finished installing and function testing FFT trigger kit with A&S trigger housing and everything is working properly now! Thanks everyone for your input/advice.
  3. Will definitely look into the carrier comp titanium one and either sell or keep the Benelli full-length as a backup.
  4. This is good to hear, hopefully all will function fine once I get the A&S trigger housing! Definitely considered it and maybe will in the future. I really wanted to try to stick with as many OEM parts as possible, but lighter weight would be nice. My only other hang up right now with FFT is their perceived "attitude" towards their customers. Really, their website, videos, responses to their customers' concerns. Just don't feel like that's a good way to attract and keep customers. Just my opinion, which can change.
  5. I know, but I feel like if there's no added benefit (other than just being a "compliant part") and I already have enough parts, I don't feel like it's a necessity yet. I'm going to wait and see how the new trigger housing works out with the trigger parts first.
  6. Appreciate the input. I don’t think I’m going to make any changes to the parts until I get the new trigger housing. I’m thinking that the hole for the disconnector spring/plunger might be slightly less deep than the oem, causing the the disconnector to be pushed just a hair forward. As for compliant parts, personally, I would prefer to keep the gun as stock as possible. I opted to go with the Benelli factory extended mag tube which means I would still need to replace 3 parts. The trigger kit would have done that for me in one go with the added benefit of a more crisp trigger pull/hammer
  7. I also noticed that the trigger spring comes out at a different angle between the factory trigger and the FFT trigger. I don't think that's what could be causing the hammer hanging up though.
  8. It is odd. In my first post the other day, I attached a couple pictures, one was factory disconnector in FFT trigger and the other was FFT disconnector and trigger. In the latter, the disconnector seems to be pushed further forward when spring/plunger installed (you can kind of see more of an angle where the bottom edge of the disconnector sits above the trigger (looking from the side).
  9. The kit came with the trigger spring (that goes into the hole on the bottom towards the front of the trigger), the spring that goes onto the plunger for the disconnector, the hammer spring that goes into the hammer plunger and then the shell release (?) spring on the left side of the housing. I think it says on their website, "FFT 922r compliant trigger pack and springs" I just got home and took everything apart again. Tried a few things. I did check to make sure there were no obstructions in the spring holes as you suggested. All testing below is when holding trigger to the rear after
  10. Yeah, I'm probably going to tear it down again and check the spring holes (I'm pretty sure everything was good). I'm using the springs that came with the FFT trigger kit. Going to try switching the disconnector spring back to the OEM spring and see what happens. Not sure if the FFT trigger kit was supposed to come with another disconnector pin but mine didn't so I don't know if that would make a difference.
  11. We'll see what happens after I transfer over all the guts to the A&S. The biggest thing I noticed when changing out the OEM parts for the FFT kit multiple times to test what was going on and narrow it down was it was a real PITA to install the disconnector pin through the FFT disconnector (the process w/ that part is already hard but I mean physically getting the pin through the disconnector hole). Went in pretty easy on the OEM disconnector (didn't really even need a punch to get it all the way through). I also stacked the 2 disconnectors and the holes didn't seem to line up perfectly
  12. Update: A&S trigger guard ordered 😃 Thanks for helping me “pull the trigger” on that 👍🏼
  13. That does make sense seeing as my trigger assembly is the polymer one. The A&S trigger guard was on my shopping list but was going to do a couple other things first. I may have to move that up now. Thanks for the reply SD!
  14. Hey everyone. I’ve been reading a lot on this forum for awhile now (lots of old but useful info here so thanks!) and this is my first post. So here I am, reviving an old post but I’m having almost the exact same issue with the disconnector. I sent an email to FFT (below). “Hello. I recently ordered the trigger kit for my Benelli M4. After installing and performing numerous function checks, I noticed that there was no audible click when slowly releasing the trigger after dry firing and holding the trigger to the rear. After visually inspecting what was going on, it seemed that the ham
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