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  1. i ordered when it was first released and it had some wiggle, they sent me the redesigned piece that gets cinched down by the barrel and it's pretty much wiggle free now.
  2. botach has a better deal, i ordered the shell holder for $99.98 https://botach.com/search.php?search_query=urbino&section=product
  3. good ole' CA, have you checked calguns? i was lucky to find one locally right before the panic buying started, i think i paid $1750 before tax & dros down here in San Diego.
  4. it's held on by a snap ring, so you'll need a pair of snap ring pliers to get it off.
  5. ^ didn't know the owner of Frog Lube was down in SD, that's pretty crazy. I live in SD, born & raised, I don't think i'll ever leave haha.
  6. Maybe i'll try to make sure my endcap is tight enough and maybe try to mess with the screws to see if that changes anything.
  7. Thanks, I might email him, what's your name so I can throw it in there so I can tell him who sent me. Also do you know what they did exactly to remedy the wiggle?
  8. seems like they removed the m4 link on their website, I tried emailing them twice and haven't had any luck. i'll try giving them a call next week if they don't get back to me.
  9. i think you're talking about the magazine tube.
  10. awesome thanks again, i'll email them now.
  11. haha alright, keep us posted, maybe they'll just want to swap the handguard then.
  12. are they free or charge or do we have to pay for them?
  13. joegie

    Benelli M1014

    you can get the collapsible stock and add it, but the price varies from $2-400, if you want to add the full capacity mag tube, if you run the collapsible stock you'll beed to replace 4 parts for American made parts to be compliant with 922r, somebody correct me if i'm wrong.
  14. @Birdog19 the briley handguard attaches like the oem, where the barrel cinches it against the receiver with the mag tube cap, there is no movement unless you twist the handguard, it’s very minimal but it’s present. there’s no forward movement on the handguard, so i’m guessing there’s some play where the barrel cinches down onto the handguard allowing the handguard to twist in the mount. also the front of the handguard is open, so there’s only 2 points of contact with the receiver and the barrel. i haven’t had the chance to shoot it with the new handguard, also i haven’t adjusted a
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