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  1. Well I just got some great news that literally took my breath away... The other day I placed an order for the FFT Trigger Pack and Springs, along with their 922R follower. I knew I was cutting it close because the upcoming batch had a delivery of April / May. Today when I went to check the site, it was updated to say the next expected restock won't be until June / July / August, and that orders with numbers lower than 9096 are in on the May shipment. My order number? 9095
  2. Thanks for the feedback! Last night I was looking into the Vickers sling but I'll check out these other ones too.
  3. Like the tile says, do you have a preferred sling? I know this is lame as hell, but I kinda want a sling similar to the M4 in the original Zombieland... haha
  4. Okay, THIS TIME I found a legit seller out of CA. Paid through PayPal Goods and Services, so I'm covered if anything goes wrong. Brand new, never even out of the box. $375 shipped.
  5. Just a heads up, the guy went by the name Richard Boyer. The wording on his emails seemed a little of but I let the excitement of getting these parts get the better of me. He messaged me on SnipersHide this morning but apparently they caught him and he got banned. In addition to the [email protected] email address he was writing me from, he asked me to send money to [email protected] After that didn't work he tried to get me to send money to [email protected] When I called him out on being full of shit, he sent me a photo of a drivers license, which is so
  6. That eBay auction just ended at $880.... I can't believe someone would be willing to pay that much money for it. That's insane.
  7. Good idea. My best friend is a LEO and would happily order it for me.
  8. Looks like I got my hopes up for nothing. The guy is a known scammer. Good thing I figured it out before I sent him money. Looks like I'm back to square one.
  9. I'm so excited! Now all I need to do is figure out which parts I want to replace to maintain 922R compliance.
  10. Got one!! Someone on a different forum referred me to a friend of his who just has his M4 sitting around. Apparently the gun has less than 500 rounds though it, has a bunch of the good mods, including factory 7 round mag tube and the stock I want. Selling me the stock for $250 and the tube for $150. Pretty happy!
  11. I've been off of forums for a while now so I'm not even sure where to look anymore. I'd happily welcome suggestions!
  12. I've been chatting with a guy selling one of these stocks over on SnipersHide and he was telling me that Benelli has stopped producing this stock for individual resale due to "legal reasons". I don't usually believe everything I hear on the internet but I thought I'd check with y'all to see if there is any truth behind it. Has anyone else heard this?
  13. Well, regardless of how we may feel about it, the law is the law. I don't really want to risk having my super expensive shotgun confiscated for being considered contraband just because I didn't feel like following regulation, no matter how slim the chances of it happening are.
  14. Well, not really sure what to say to that other than some education seems necessary. https://freedomfightertactical.com/pages/922r-faq
  15. No worries, thanks for letting me know! I'll just have to be patient!
  16. Pretty much what I was thinking too. My local gunshop just got in 4 M4's in addition to the one I bought, so I might have some luck there.
  17. I don't doubt it. From the research I've done it seems the risk is low to non-existent. That said, the ATF is not something I want to mess with. If I can be certain I'll be clear of trouble by spending a little bit of cash to make the gun completely legal and not have it in the back of my mind all the time, I'm going to do the upgrades. But that's just me.
  18. Haha, yeah I did. I guess I'll just have to wait until the panic is completely done and things come back into stock.
  19. I thought the same thing, but for the risk vs cost, it just isn't worth it to roll those dice.
  20. Raptor, I'm in the market for an adjustable stock. I just bought my M4 last night so it's still NIB and I'd willing to trade stocks plus $$ if you're open to it!
  21. Hey all, Last night I finally bought an M4, which has been a bucket list gun! I've been looking around for this stock but I'm starting to think I'm SOL. Am I wrong?
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