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  1. @StrangerDanger Absolutely, please! I was thinking of piecing the parts together at some online distributors, but the price to do so was crazy high, compared to buying the whole trigger group assembly. Much appreciated!
  2. @StrangerDanger What can you tell me about the QD points on your M4? Were they hard to install? The M4 is amazing, but I'm sure you already know that!
  3. Hey, I'm currently on the search for a complete Benelli M4 trigger group. Every location online appears to be out of stock. I was wondering if the M1, M2, M3 trigger group is the same as the M4, and if they are interchangeable? They look very similar, but since I'm not physically comparing the two, its hard to tell. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I just put a back-order in at Brownells for the m1014. I haven't been able to locate any pictures of the M1014 being modified with a different stock. Is the stock hardware on the M1014 even removable?
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