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  1. Ouch, that sounds pretty painful. Were they bad jams? I have a IWC mount that I was looking to attach soon. I doubt that my hold would be that far forward though.
  2. I just got a 11707 and it had the 3-pos. stock tube. My firearm was either a late 2019 or early 2020 production, so I believe they are still being included.
  3. Those are pretty interesting too! You're sparking my curiosity. I will wish someone had experience with the Benelli brand night sights. You would think some people would since they were apparently sold out. LOL I wonder where all those people are at!?
  4. LOL maybe one of us needs to take it for the team and order the Benelli and give it a review...
  5. Just got an email that the Benelli store got restocked with OEM night sights. Does anyone here have any experience comparing the Benelli against the Meprolights? I've heard that people haven't been too impressed with the Meprolights, so I am curious to know if the Benelli branded ones are an improvement.
  6. Stranger, Thanks as always. Lol, I'm a little paranoid with my little, expensive investment piece! I want it to last. BTW those instructions on the trigger group assembly were on point! The process was a little bit of a PIA, but not too much so. I managed to only launch the hammer spring/cap once across my workspace😃!
  7. Makes sense. Its annoying that there aren't many places near where I live that actually stock a lot of product so you can get hands-on experience with the products prior to purchase...smh
  8. So speaking of RMRs on the M4s, what is everyone's thoughts of the size of the dot? I'm looking to eventually do the Scalarworks sync/rmr, but I need to decide on a MOA size. I'm used to using a Vortex SPARC 2 with a (I think) 2 MOA Dot.
  9. Hey all, I recently purchase my M4, did a few upgrades, and brought it to the range. I only fired off maybe 30 rounds. The experience was outstanding to say the least. Anyways, I was doing some disassembly on my gun recently and noticed some wear patterns that gave me some concern, especially since I have only put maybe 30 rounds down the pipe. My question is, is this normal or should I be concerned? I'm guessing that some ejecting shells are causing this to occur. Any commentary would be greatly appreciated!
  10. I'm with you as well. I don't mind full extension, and actually prefer it. Strangely enough, I'm only about 7' 8" tall and enjoy that LOP.
  11. I purchased a IWC scout light mount, and should get it in this week hopefully. I mainly purchased it for the QD mount feature, first and foremost. From what I read, if you go the route of 1913 IWC mount, you can always take off the rail and have a regular scout mount, so it just gives you more options. I guess it all comes down to what you're trying to mount to it. I would imagine that if you utilized the scout mount solution, that the light would potentially be mounted closer to the gun's surface, which is usually more desirable.
  12. Those appear to be factory Benelli sights. I too am curious about what people are saying about these. That appear to be out-of-stock at most locations.
  13. @sonyman74 Maybe you would be able to hit up a hardware store and find a nut that matches the size and thread pitch that you need. What are your thoughts on the brightness of the tritium vials in the sights? I have heard reviews of people being disappointed with the lack or brightness of the Meprolight sights. I just recently had some Ameriglos installed on my Glock G45, and I regret waiting so long...they are very nice!
  14. @sonyman74 If you go through with it, please give us an in-depth review on the product. I'd be curious to know!
  15. @StrangerDanger I apologize for taking forever to get back to you on this topic. I was supposed to have gone to the range Tuesday to try out my new M4 for the first time, but that didn't happen until yesterday. It was a wonderful experience, but I apparently didn't bring enough ammo, as it felt like it lasted 2 minutes. I'm going to attempt to directly message you about moving forward with these parts. 🙂
  16. Stranger, thanks as always. You're the real MVP.
  17. I was wondering if this slight gap of the bolt body in the ejection port is normal or not? It's not very noticeable, but if you look close, you can see the bolt head through the gap. I took my M4 out to the range for the first time this evening. The experience was outstanding to say the least!!! This M4 seemed to function just fine, but since I'm so new to the platform I'm still learning what is usual form. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  18. @ClackClackBAM Well I just went to the range this evening and tried my M4 for the first time since getting it, and I felt the limitations of a smaller magazine capacity. Personally, I will be overjoyed as soon as I have my Carrier Comp tube on hand!
  19. Based on the market's desire for aftermarket mag tubes, and not factory tubes, I wouldn't count on getting much for it. My plan is to keep all my take-off parts in the event that I ever decide to part ways with the M4. That way, I can make a factory spec m4, hopefully getting near retail for it, while parting out the aftermarket goodies. IDK how the market's supply usually is with 922r USA parts, but I know it's dry right now. Collapsible stocks are MAD expensive right now. Trigger kits are basically unobtainable...
  20. @ClackClackBAM I have a 7 round tube on order too. LOL it kinda sucks knowing that you confirmed a 3 month turn away, but I'm going to wait as well. Now I'm thinking the 20-45 days didn't sound that bad! I ordered the DG finished version.
  21. @StrangerDanger Thank you for the clarification! What do you feel would be a fair price for me to take those parts off your hands?
  22. @StrangerDanger Just for clarity, can you point out which numbers you don't have in the attached diagram?
  23. @StrangerDanger I was looking at those trigger guards too. I'm open to all options honestly. My master plan was to try and send a trigger group out to Briley's for a trigger job, but I didn't want to be without a complete trigger group assembly. What's more, there was a forum member on here that apparently had his sent trigger group lost enroute to Brileys...yikes!
  24. @StrangerDanger NP3+ sounds intriguing! It's pretty funny, I was referred to you on the AR15.com forum. Apparently you've made quite a name for yourself in both communities!
  25. @sonyman74 Does your M4 have the Briley trigger? If so what are your thoughts?
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