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  1. Using Scalarworks to mount my SRO or RMR so I’d like to get some night sights as they will be able to be visible by co-witness. I don’t see the best reviews for Meprolights. I’m surprised there aren’t more options for an M4. The Benelli drop in nigh sights are sold out, but I speculate that those are re-branded meprolights anyways. I wish trijicon made some drop ins. From what I’m finding I may go with XS front and Mepro rear. Thoughts? Am I missing any good options I should consider?
  2. I ordered last week and was told the same thing. While not what I wanted to hear, I appreciate them not overpromising in delivery speed. The time will go quickly and I have a feeling it’s worth the wait.
  3. This is good news. I also placed my order last week. However via email they indicated there are a couple batches ahead of mine and I may be waiting till early July. Hopefully not.
  4. Perfect timing for this thread. I’m considering the same thing. I recently purchased the Scalarworks rail mount as well as both a SRO 5MOA and RMR 3.25MOA to determine which I prefer on my M4. I should be receiving all three by the end of the weekend and then I’ll come back with my thoughts when I have some time with the setup. I also have an Aimpooint H2 to compare both to as well. Should be a fun weekend!.
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