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  1. I think those pieces look pretty cool, but it's not quite the look that I personally would want on my m4.
  2. @ClackClackBAM Well that's pretty exciting! How long did you wait from the call of payment to receiving the shipping update? IDK about you, but I'm tried of loading up, in most cases, 4+1 shells into the M4. I NEED MORE!
  3. @ClackClackBAM Hey did you ever get your mag tube in the mail? I just got called by CC for my order's payment. They had indicated that the my order should be coming through in the next two weeks.
  4. @MTB Guy That's just crazy numbers. I'm really glad I got my M4 when I did. The current demand isn't helping with the lack of ammo though.
  5. @ClackClackBAM You did which part of Stranger's last comment, the throwing or the dicks!? 🤣
  6. @MTB Guy Is that actually a thing? LOL 800 people have back ordered the M4, that's crazy. Out of curiosity, where are those stats coming from?
  7. Here's an auction with some desired parts...just a thought https://www.gunbroker.com/item/869248648
  8. It's kind of a shame. Although I really like the classic looks of the OEM equipment, I think a quality alternative furniture kit would be pretty cool.
  9. @StrangerDanger I see you're a fan of the Scalarworks...me too 😃
  10. So everyone goes into a panic gun/ammo grab until the election...I guess that makes sense.
  11. Yea I kind of figured as much. @Milspec That makes sense that they would need to have a massive quantity of parts one hand before beginning. Does that mean that they are operating as a middle-man between the actual company doing the plating though? I could see having a M4 in both the coated burnt bronze and another one in the NP3...YIKES!
  12. @Milspec Well I'm sorry to hear that it was damaged. Was the damage that substantial or was it just an eye sore for you? What kind of turn around did they give you time wise? Does your setup have an RMR, and are they doing a finish on that as well? I can't wait to see the finished product!
  13. Who's doing the NP3 coating for you? What drove you to do so?
  14. Is think the auction you guys are talking about? https://www.gunbroker.com/item/869911245. @jimbo45 I'm relatively new to firearms ownership and gun/ammo-grabbing pandemics. Can you explain why everyone has the conclusion that the stockage of guns and ammunition will probably not improve until after the election? Is it only because people worry about the possibility of no longer being able to purchase certain items under new leadership...and in turn accept the idea of boating accident to occur to their owed possessions?
  15. @StrangerDanger I liked your last posting here. Quite amusing ("jammies" and "hanging out"), but full of great info!
  16. Here's another auctions that's likely on its way to reaching those numbers too. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/869721672. This particular auction is on a pre-owned M4, so I would be curious to see if that influences the price differently. I showed my GF these auctions and she was asking me why I didn't buy two M4s! She thinks I should sell mine now for profit and re-buy it again when the market goes back to normal. HA HA I was like "Heck no, I love this thing...why would I sell it!?"
  17. @mickey d I know, I was watching it too! Hey if you wanted to make a quick $4k....
  18. @DFSDAD I bought an OEM collapsible Benelli stock. Personally, I liked the iconic look, but I didn't like price. I remember hearing something about Promag making them at some point...but it looks like they might have stopped production as well.
  19. @Doc Sween LOL well I was feeling good about my past purchase until you said you got yours for free! Congrats man. I'm loving mine too. Literally the stock of ammo locally can't keep up with the amount I'm wanting to put through it 😞
  20. I believe they have been out of production for a few years now. I personally haven't seen any come up for sale. From all the past reviews, the ATI package was of pretty poor quality. You might be better served with sticking to an OEM collapsible stock. Just saying... Good luck in the search though!
  21. I guess that's the new going rate. This makes me feel a lot better for the price I purchased mine for. LOL and here I thought $1799 was a hefty price tag!
  22. Roger that! LOL so I pretty much suck...guess I'll keep practicing. Thanks guys.
  23. Unless some suppliers have recently gotten stock in, most will be out of stock unfortunately. The collapsible stock and the associated recoil tube are high in demand.
  24. Wow, I just checked GunBroker and prices do look high! I bought a 11707 on GB on May 1st for MSRP. Look at this, https://www.gunbroker.com/item/870387500, over $4k for a stock 11707!!! It would appear that there is just that much of a demand for these items right now...like most common firearms at this point. A lot of parts and accessories for this platform are sold out as well.
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