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  1. Are there any instructional videos on drill and tap install?
  2. Didn't get there Agency one since its always in and out of stock but picked up the Hayl Rail from Strike Industries for half the price of the Agency Arms Handrail! Its a nice piece, also has set screws but its very cool looking and give you Mlok options to mount what ever you need. Side note also picked up their Hand stop and it also is a very nice piece. Goes together very well
  3. BTW if anyone needs these I have couple I would sell
  4. Thanks Truckcop Unfortunately I wouldn't know where to start with tapping and drilling, not vey handy guy.
  5. Hi Has anyone tried the Tac2 Bolt release assembly. Wanted to get one since the GG&G is not in stock anywhere? Wondering how it stacks up against GG&G in quality and reliability.
  6. Ordered 2 of these, very nice product but please keep in mind it will not work if you are using aftermarket forends/handrails.
  7. Fantastic, thanks for the update Sir Have a great extended weekend
  8. ClackClackBam Did you hear anything back from Marcy or Kip as to where our batch stands, I believe we ordered both of our the first week of May.
  9. Thanks D'Zaster I have heard rumors that their Lead times have decreased significantly to where people are getting calls for payment within the first 2 or 3 weeks. I guess I'll have to wait and see
  10. Quality craftsmanship. How long did it take, I placed my order last week?
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