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  1. So I’m seeing the coated version and the price looks nice (for an M4). I’d like the version with the unrestricted mag tube, But they seem rare, any information would be great about the mag tube. Second there are two H2O version a coated and non coated? my Benelli count: 1 for now ? I’m willing to provide a loving home to any stray Benelli.
  2. They are one of the smoothest actions I’ve ever handled. Glad you got to enjoy your Montefeltro. I usually just wipe the barrel out with a bore snake and clean the action with a rag and few drops of rem oil Inbetween shooting sessions. They are low maintenance.
  3. yes, I found a Carlson white wing online at a good price. It’s an extended range improved modified at .700 it looks cool can’t wait to shoot it and see how it does. From what hear all these after market chokes perform better then factory. We will see
  4. akshay, after looking at Benelli website it looks like you have a sporter model or the silver light weight model With the extended chokes. Hope you have many busted clays or birds with it.
  5. Hello, so yours might not have the notches but it looks like they are marked in between the checkering. Modified and full. I’m surprised there is no manufacturer markings. Yes, you could use any normal gun cleaner approved for blued guns. I use hoppes for cleaning barrel and rem oil to lube. you might want to put some oil or grease on the choke threads before installing them (I have a Winchester with a frozen choke). Glad you were able to get it figured out.
  6. Akshay it can be easy to miss info in the Benelli manual, those things are thick. Hope you can determine the choke tubes and get to enjoy your new Monty. Thank you for recognizing military service. Semper Fi.
  7. I would agree with you that dents and rings add character I’ve just never seen this before.
  8. Also the **** should match the notches on the end of the tube, the more notches should be less constriction.
  9. Glad to see other Montefeltro owners out there it seem like they are not the most popular model. The choke should have **** near where it say steel shot ok and an abbreviation of the choke constriction IC= improved cylinder. If it’s a newer model it should be the crio style of tube if older I think they used the mobile. I’ve included a pic of mine. If you can’t identify it id be careful on what you push through it.
  10. Glad I could refresh everyone’s memory. Hope they figured out his M4 by now.
  11. Man this thread took a huge left turn the last few post (Jolly Roger)But it made me ? I also enjoy the time spent diss/ass/lube a new gun.
  12. I just noticed this on my Montefeltro while conducting dis/ass/lube. I hit the Google machine and found this post. I have only fired around 400 rounds ,So this amount of wear is concerning. I’ve never noticed this on any other Benelli but honestly I haven’t looked closely. I’m surprised this is normal might shoot an email to Benelli with these pics.
  13. Hello, anyone have any sight options red dot, iron, fiber optic that would fit the low rib or receiver for the Montefeltro. I’m looking to get into turkey hunting and want an upgrade.
  14. USMC249

    Choke tubes

    Remarkable, can you provide additional information about the “buy down” models. Is it just a lack of accessories? Mine was purchased at a big box sports store as a gift for me. Just lien to gather information since I’ve never heard of “buy down”. TIA
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