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  1. I just had this exact problem. This forum and it's members absolutely ROCK! It seems like I can find excellent information and advice every single time I check in here. Thanks everyone!!
  2. It was an impressive machine.
  3. I was considering adding the NH silhouette with Live Free or Die on the other side. He recommended holding off on it and contemplating that more, as it could look too busy. He could have easily done it and charged me $150 for both, but he wanted to make sure I was confident with engraving both sides. He said he was more of a minimalist at heart, which I am now appreciating his recommendation.
  4. Thanks guys! As the engraver said, "The flag is always moving forward to battle, never retreating." I got it done at 2A Engraving in Epping, NH. It was a 15 minute drive for me, so I brought the whole gun in and removed the barrel to lighten it up. I was able to watch the entire process. I wanted a "battle worn look" American flag, which he had this template on his computer. He made sure I was happy with the size and used a micrometer to measure the edges to be square. Then the laser did its work. The whole process took about 20 minutes and cost $75. I couldn't be happier with the r
  5. SJPotter31


    Hey Everyone! I decided to engrave the receiver on my M4. I found a small company in NH called 2A engraving. Great work very reasonable price. I think it came out great!
  6. Also, excuse the lack of modifications at the moment... but I do have plans!
  7. I picked up my M4 today and noticed the exact same thing while I was cleaning it. I thought maybe it was the lighting. After I saw your post, I decided to put it next to my M2 for comparison. Definitely a dark slate blue color! It is kinda cool. I wonder if ours were manufactured around the same time and thats the hue that formed in this batch of receivers?
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