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  1. At nearly 65, I'm about to cross this bridge myself. My old eyeballs just don't work well anymore with irons, though I do still want to cowitness them with whatever combo I end up with. Primary roll for this shotgun is home defense, so I'm not too worried about sun angles, but I do care about low light situations. The gun is also fitted with a Mesa Tactical SureShell 8-round sidesaddle carrier, so I want a mount that is compatible with the Picatinny rail. I see that Trijicon sells a Picatinny version of the RMR, but I can't find anything on its ability to cowitness the irons. Th
  2. What StrangerDanger said. Just went down that road two weeks ago. 'Cept I used a coarse stone, taking a couple strokes at a time and checking to make sure that the flat was developing evenly across the hammer. It also bears mentioning that this was with an A&S trigger housing and FFT "perfectly machined" (Todd's words) trigger kit. The A&S part is very nice, but not really a guaranteed fix for the disconnector issue.
  3. Thanks SD. I went ahead and ordered an A&S trigger housing, hoping it would fix the problem with the FFT disconnector. Unfortunately, it didn't. So I used a coarse stone to take abut 0.30 off the disconnector spur on the hammer, and got enough clearance between the two to eliminate the problem. I've since put a couple boxes of shells through it with no problems birdshot, 00 Buck, and slugs. When the disconnector is engaged with the hammer, the engagement is to the full depth of the disconnector notch, and the disconnector notch is just as deep as it was then it came from FFT. And there's
  4. Thanks for posting this thread. Ran into the same problem on a recently purchased M4 with a polymer trigger housing and the FFT trigger kit. Replaced the FFT disconnector with the Benelli part and it runs fine. Thought about leaving it that way, but have the A&S trigger housing on the way. Comparing the two disconnectors, the engagement surface on the Benelli part is is angled such that it is parallel with the engagement surface on the hammer. On the FFT part, the angle is such that the hook on the hammer will be drawn into engagement with the disconnector notch. That would require mo
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