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  1. @StrangerDanger Curious what some of the most common/best optics are that have been used on the M4? I've been playing around with different ideas. Just as a funny idea I tossed a Vortex UH1-Gen 2 on the M4 because I had it laying around. It didn't look right. The optic sat too high on the rail so that I could only reliably see through it with my stock fully collapsed. I would like to find an optic that allows me to use the stock extended or in the middle position (I have long arms). I was looking at the Holosun 507C X2, or the Holosun 510C. Was also looking at the Vortex Razo
  2. Thanks for the quick response! Ill be trying this tonight on mine, and if that goes well my dad will let me touch his gun. Haha. Just have to run to the store and get a couple of the proper tools. Would you mind pm'ing me your number as a failsafe if something goes wrong?
  3. @StrangerDanger Ive been working on building this so called testicular fortitude that you speak of for a few weeks now. I think Ive decided Im going to give this a go. I bought a Benelli M4 with the "skeletonized" stock, and I have the retractable recoil tube to replace the rigid skeleton one. I have just a couple questions: 1) As far as disassembly goes before the heating process, does that include everything except the receiver? (Like the rear sight, the bolt release mechanism/pin and spring) or is it only necessary to remove the insides of the recoil tube? 2) Do you have a solve
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