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  1. So... LE13200 is ok and no real difference with LE13300 except one is 8 pellets and the other is 9 pellets, correct? I actually was looking to get all my ammo low recoil, just don’t know which one in particular to get, just read that Federal is the one to get
  2. @Unobtanium Thanks for this information. I am new to shotguns and bought my M1014 early last month. While adding some upgrades, I have also been looking at which ammo to get. It seems I was looking for the incorrect ammo as I was indeed looking for the LE133. Ended up buying some Black Ace 00 just to have something to shoot and some LEB127LRS slugs. This being said, which ammo / model would you recommend for the M1014?
  3. The Briley hand-guard is another option (Which I prefer over the AA) and should still be in-stock.
  4. I picked up the rail and carbon fiber tube. Also talked to them about the A&S trigger housing, trigger work and a few things. I decided not to pursue the trigger update, but will get the A&S, Taran Tactical feed mag plate and be done with it.
  5. Thanks. That helps. Seems I am almost set on the smaller footprint 18350 body PLHv2. Hot button and Tail caps are out of stock pretty much everywhere, however, I like the Modlite HotButton (Flat one, not the one pictured above) and possibly a SureFire UE cap. I may need a Unity Tactical Fusion LightWing if I go that way though, which adds to the overall price. Maybe I am over complicating things and there is a better way? I was looking to buy a light setup for two rifles and the M1014, but will have to spread the purchases a bit. I am in no hurry, so I may just get the light and a mount a
  6. Some hand guards are back in stock. No tubes or trigger parts yet.
  7. Funny you mentioned about the A&S trigger guard. I asked the initial question because I am considering the same. “If I’m going to wait that long, better have them take care of the related upgrades and be done with it.” I’ll stop by to chat with them. I’m down for the job once they have all the parts in-stock to minimize wait time.
  8. Based on what I have read in the forums, I am interested in purchasing a Modlite PLHv2. I ordered a Briley handguard 13" although considering swapping for the 8". I did a quick search and found light packages straight from Modlite and from Arisaka, but I have doubts about what should I get. 1) I assume the 18650 body & battery is preferred for longer duration 2) Which tailcap / pressure switch? 3) Which mount? I see Arisaka's website has several features as well. Recommendations? Arisaka Packages Modlite Packages
  9. @D'zaster Is there any real noticeable difference between stock and their trigger upgrade? Gauging if it worth it or just spend the money on something else.
  10. I am local to Briley and I was told the carbon fiber black oxide tube should arrive next week. No ETA on the hand-guard and trigger parts.
  11. Has anyone installed an SRO instead of the RMR? I am aware it is the same footprint, but the viewable window is bigger and much easier to acquire target. I love mine on my pistol. Wondering if personal preference because that's you already own or looking for possibly more ruggedness from the RMR? I just got my M1014 Yesterday and I am already on the fence to get a red dot. I prefer the SRO in my pistol (I have an RMR in my carry) but I love the T2 in rifle. Reading mixed reviews makes it harder to make a decision. Unfortunately it seems this will take a bit of trial and error and pos
  12. I just got mine Yesterday with a 20 date code as well. I really hate the blue color on this which has consequently fueled up my OCD, but it is what it is. I plan on shooting this and not a safe queen.
  13. I have wanted a M4 Tactical for a while and did some homework for a while on the different models. Long story short, just like some others, when I placed the order, I got the M1014 instead. Not a big deal as I can eventually get the 3 position buffer tube. Shame though it has no threaded barrel for chokes. This being said, I have a couple of doubts / questions I hope the great fellow members can help sort out: 1) I plan on getting a Briley 3Gun MLok handguard. I would prefer the 13" version, which I need to remove the factory sling adapter and ring. Is there any advantage or disadvantage
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