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Found 6 results

  1. I have a new M2 Field (26" barrel), and working on getting it dialed in before duck season starts. Typically shoot Kent Fasteel, 3", 1 1/4, #3, sometimes #2. I'm interested in trying a close range choke, such as Skeet 1, or even Rob Roberts Triple Threat T1, which are similarly constricted from what I've read. Does anyone have experience with this choke type and gun set up? Do you find it effective for shooting decoying ducks?
  2. Where can I find the exit diameter for the various stainless steel, flush chokes supplied with a Nova 20ga pump? IC, Modified, and Full. The Benelli Website doesn't list the stainless flush chokes for sale, and doesn't include any specs on the Matte finish ones that are offered. I'm relatively new to shotguns(I purchased a Nova 20ga) and really appreciate it for what it is. It seems like different manufacturers have different exit diameters for the same choke style (IC, Mod, Full). I would have thought all ICs... would be exactly the same when it comes to exit diameter and the differences would be material, polish/finish, treatments... Any input into my choke education would be great. Thanks all Tony Rico
  3. Im needing to find out what type of choke to use in my 912 Variomax for shooting slugs?
  4. tsw9240

    New Supernova

    Hey guys just got my first Benelli ever and i went with the supernova for now I had to ordder it in the camo I wanted and was wondering what the include with the gun such as choke tubes and a wrench? and does it come with a lock from them. I went with Realtree APG and a 24" barrel it will be used for hunting and shooting clays. Thanks!
  5. Hi, Just purchased a Monte 20G short stock 24" (I'm a smaller stature shooter) and will be going duck hunting for the first time. Wanted to know if anyone can help me out with the following: 1. What size hevishot duck load should I use? I've been reading #4. 2. If I use hevishot, should I purchase an aftermarket choke? I've seen both Full and IC at Cabelas. Which one? Any other gear tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! C
  6. The is a 26" Benelli barrel for the m1 with 4 chokes and tool. i purchased it new 3 yrs ago and shot it only two times (once on the range to pattern on paper, the other whackin ducks). I no longer need the pipe as i have several other scatter guns to shoot at waterfowl with. barrel is in near perfect like new condition as are the choke tubes. Email if interested.
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